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Course Open. Carts ON stay on fairways and cart paths please.


Course. Open. 25/11/21

Ladies. Please keep. Carts on paths

Thankyou. Captain. Myra


Ladies course open today 19/10/21


Ladies golf update 30/09/21

Well once again I have a few changes with all these lockdowns and wet days I have put everything in the toooo hard basket.

We have cancelled our OBE DAY for this year (there are too many restrictions) we will just have a Single Stableford PLUS it will be a FREE DAY. Any free days we should have for the rest of the year and our Queensland Members are not able to play because of border restrictions they will be compensated.

Special events trophies will be presented at our Christmas Party lunch 9th December which will probably be in the form of a BBQ.

Another revised sheet will be put on the Notice Board. HopefullyI do not have to keep giving you any more updates this year.

Good Golfing



Ladies Golf


This news letter is intended to bring our Lady Members up to date with the changes the committee agreed upon at their meeting held on 14th September 2021. The changes have been made because of the shut downs and the border closures we have been experiencing.

The Foursomes championships and the Gold Medal Playoff have been postponed until early next year to enable our Queensland members to be able to participate

The New South Wales Medal and the Gwald Murray competitions have been cancelled for the year. Members who have paid into these events will have their money refunded. The money will be put onto your card.

Special Events presentation will be held as scheduled on 21st October. This will be a FREE DAY, should our Queensland members not be able to play (because of border closure) they will be compensated. They have not been forgotten.

OBE Day will be held on 7th October. Our Queensland ladies who cannot attend (because of the border situation) will once again be compensated.

A revised fixture sheet for the balance of our golfing year, is being prepared and will be available at presentation. A sheet will also be put on the Notice Board.

Just a reminder that there will be several vacancies on committee next year.

Thank you ladies for your patience and understanding during the difficult times.

Keep safe and good golfing.

Your Committee


Ladies. Golf. 16/9/21

Welcome back ladies nice to see your smiling faces unfortunately our members over the border will have to wait a bit longer to join us.

We had our Jared Lyle day and raised. $110. this was a very good effort. thank you ladies. The winner was Peggy Williams with 36 points on a c/b. Runner up. Bev. Culpitt. 36 points

NTP 2nd hole. Div 1. Denise. Culpitt. Div. 2. Coral. Rasmussen

Hole. 7. Div. 1. Colleen. Kelly. Div. 2. Coral Rasmussen

Pro. Pin. Glenda. Ballard. $34)?7

Rundown went to 26 point. Denise Melling. Helen Evans. Myra. Biggar. Daphne. Anderson. Coral Rasmussen. Colleen. Kelly. Kaye. Mills. Denise. Culpitt. Mary. Swanson. Marlene. Wyatt. Marilyn. Burns. Alison. Blair. Glenda. Blends. Lis Edwards. Desley. Harrington. Pat. Leaney. Lucy. Ablett. Dot Gronn

Raffles were won by. Myra. Biggar. June. McFadden and. Lyn. Simpson

Next week is just a stableford so. Good Golfing

Captain. Myra


Ladies. Golf. Thursday

Tomorrow is Jared Lyle day. So wear your yellow clothing. The committee has decided not to have our foursomes this year because of the restrictions on the border our Queensland girls cannot come over. We have made a few changes to our programme for the rest of the year which I will explain to you tomorrow, hope to see you all in yellow.

Good golfing tomorrow Captain. Myra


Ladies Golf. 12/8/21

Well we had a beautiful day for our golf we played a 2 person Ambrose for our Keno competition unfortunately there were only 3 groups who entered, but overall we had 38 players who participated in our main competition the winners were:

Fran Janes and. Vivienne Sulejmani with gross. 74. Net. 65 3/4 R/up Allison. Blair and Chris. Mills. Gross 77. Nett 67

Pro pin. Peggy Williams. $37.00

Rundown:- P. Hodda & K.Mills, D Melling& P. Williams, M. Wyatt &. C. Kelly. D. Gronn &. G. Ballard, D. Culpitt & D. Culpitt, B. Culpitt. &. D. Anderson, L. Edwards. &. E Biggs , M. Burns &. N. Douglas, J. Haddrick. &. P. Benny, P Ryan. &. D. Hughes, D. Harrington &. M. Berryman

We have our last medal round on the 26th August. And don’t forget. Tombola. Day. On the 2nd. Sept.
It has been brought to my attention about Slow play so please do not stand around having a chat I will be looking out next week to see if there is any improvement in the timing of our golf rounds.
Good. Golfing

Captain. Myra


Ladies. Golf 5/8/21

Well we had a cold wind this morning and because of Qld lockdown we had a small field of 19 players.

We played a Single Stableford and the winner was Mary Swanson. 36 points. R/Up. Colleen Kelly 34 points

NTP. 7th hole 7. Desley. Harrington

Pro. Pin. Janet. Haddrick

Run. Down. Betty Hall. 34 Liz Edwards. 33. Nancy. Douglas. 32. Janet. Haddrick. 32 and. Myra. Biggar 31. On c/b

As our usual computer operators were in lockdown Liz decided she would have her first attempt at recording the scores, with some help from Penny and. Kaye. Well she did it congratulations. Liz great effort.
Our golf will probably be interrupted for a few weeks so keep looking at the blogs in case the programs are changed in the meantime keep safe.

Captain. Myra


Ladies Golf. Alert

Because of COVID-19 and all the restrictions pending our committee has decided to transfer the medal round on Thursday to the 26th of August hopefully by that time the Queensland members will be allowed back over the border this is the last day we can have this medal . The tombola day will be held on the 2nd September.

This Thursday will be a single stableford

The . Foursomes will be transferred from the 19th August to 30th September this is giving our members a chance to play in this competition.

Just remember if you have been over the border since 21st. July you are only eligible to play social golf and you cannot go into the clubs or island house so keep safe.
Captain . Myra