Men’s Saturday Comp 8th May

 Today was our Monthly Medal Day which was postponed from last week due to weather, number of players was good with 88 players out on course, and were fortunate to have fine and sunny weather for the day.

Scores for the day showed that even with good weather it can still be difficult to register a good score with only the three winners breaking their handicap.

Congratulations to the winners for the day;

A Grade Pat Hayes net 68 (9)

B Grade Joe Lehkyj net 69 (14)

C Grade John Olsen net 68 (20)

Runners Up

A Grade Kev Haddrick net 74 (10)

B Grade Colin McLeod net 70 (16) on C/B from Allan Boan

C Grade Tony Waller net 71 (23) on C/B from Ken Stockwell

Ball rundown to 74 net all inclusive.

NTP 2nd– – A-   no-one, B- Michael McKay C-no-one

NTP 7th– – A-Kev Haddrick, B- Brendon Willoughby C-Greg Morrison

NTP 12th– A-Pat Hayes, B- Gerry Martin- C- Mick Walsh

Pro Pin- Gerry Martin $78

NTP 16th – A- Alan Hubbard B- Trevor Neil C- Greg Morrison

Lucky Draw – John Baddeley

Raffle-H Netto (2), K Bartlett (1), M Kemp (1), M Kenny (1) and B Wilkinson (1)

Barry Birdie Blitz- Darren Hubery


We received a couple of suggestions from the members regarding playing games off the whites following last Saturday’s rain effected day ,we have taken notice we will be introducing games off the white tees on alternate Saturday’s.

Joke of the Week

Arnold Palmer is playing in a big tournament and comes to a 235-yard par-3.

After some deliberation, he takes out his 3 iron and sails the ball 20 feet over the pin and backs it up to within 3 feet of the pin.

A fan in the crowd said “Mr. Palmer, how do you make a 3 iron back up like that?”

Mr. Palmer replied, “Do you own a 3 iron?”
The fan said, “Yes, sir I do.”

“How far do you hit it?” said Palmer.
About 160 yards was his reply.

Palmer calmly said, “What the hell do you want it to back up for?

Kevin Haddrick- Captain

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