Men’s Golf Wednesday 27th January

What a great day for golf, weather was perfect, slight breeze, although it might have been a bit sticky if you walked on the day. We had a good field of 89 players

Scores for the day were quite good.

On a housekeeping matter, we have two matters we would like highlight,

  1. Whilst the fairways and teed have been in good condition, we are starting to see a number of divots not been filled in (most likely social players) so if you see any please fill in with sand, that would be appreciated and will maintain the course in good condition.
  2. We have been operating the daily raffles on an honour system, can you please take care with this as we have come up short on a couple of days. The money raised helps pay for days like last Saturday.

Now to the golf results, as mentioned we had a field of 89 players

Congratulations to our winners on the day;

Div. 1 Stuart Irving (18) 37 points on C/B

Div. 2 Nelson Brannigan (24) 39 points

Runners Up

Div. 1 Joe Lehkyj (12) 37 points

Div. 2 Dave Kammer (26) 38 points

Ball rundown to 32 all inclusive

NTP 2ndDiv1-Steve Wilkinson, Div2- Dave Kammer

NTP 7th– – Div1-Wayne Martlew Div2-Peter Edwards

NTP 12th– Div1-Kev Haddrick Div2-Nathan Smith

Pro Pin- Nathan Smith $74

NTP 16th – Div1-Alan Simpson, Div2- Bob McElveney

Raffle- Mick Walsh (2), Wayne Muir (1) and Greg Seymour (1)


Kevin Haddrick–Captain

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