Mens golf Wednesday 3rd March

What a terrible day yesterday was. Only 12 players turned out, not enough for a comp, so everyone that played gets a ball. See Barry to get your name crossed off.
The pro pin will hold over until next Wednesday, so if you paid your dollar your already in next week.
We will do the same for the raffle.
Saturday March 20 is our Annual General meeting, if you want to play golf before the meeting, it will be a mixed single Stableford , Shot gun start , hitting off at 8 o’clock , you must book a tee, get in quick as spots are going fast, only 80 maximum spots. The AGM meeting will start at 2pm.
While we have all this rain if we are allowed to use carts PLEASE drive on the fairways or paths, not in the rough or through bare patches, and always remember to fill your divots and any others you see. Lets keep the fairways looking great.

Joke of the day.
Every time Peter , the guy next door, headed toward Paul’s house, Paul knew he was coming to borrow something. Peter was always borrowing stuff and it was driving Paul mad.
” Peter won’t get away with it this time,” muttered Paul to his wife. “Watch this,”
“I wonder if you’ll be using your hedge trimmer this morning?” Peter asked.
“Crikey, i’m terribly sorry,” Paul said with a smug look , “but the fact of the matter is I’ll be using it all day.”
“In that case , you won’t be using your golf clubs …. Mind if I borrow those?”

Hit e’m straight and make those putts.
Kevin Haddrick

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