Vets Golf.

Monday 20th September 2021.

Getting sick of these blustering windy days but it happens. First day of champos only 44 starters with 40 elligible. Sorry to you Q.L.D.s but who knows when u will be allowed back in.

Div.A.winner Trevor Neil(12)82/70R/U Jeff Trichter(18)89/71.

Div.B.winner Max Jessop(19)94/75 R/U Derryk Russell(22)98/76.

Div.C.winner Terry Gosling(27)93/66 R/U John Alexander(28)101/73.

N.T.P.S.2ndS.Wilkinson.J.Storey.7th.J.Lehkyj.J.Storey.12th.K.Haddrick.H.Williams.T.Gosling.16th.T.Neil.J.Gardiner.B.B.B.Derryk Russell $20.


Well done to all you winners.

Thats all folks good golfing and mental health red oclock time cheers Capt. Dave.


Vets Golf

Monday 13th September 2021.

Great to be back again, playing with your mates, chin wagging and having a beer or two. Course in top condition a bit windy today, only 45 players no QLD due to you know who. Next week our Vets championships begin with 1st round 20th and 2nd round 27th cant be helped but time running out. Todays results.

Div 1 winner Ray Mills (8) 39pts.R/U John Bryant (13) 37pts.

Div 2 winner John Alexander(29)37ptsR/U John Bell(27)36pts.

N.T.P.S. 2ndR.Mills+P.Malone7th.J.Bryant+H.Williams


Raffles bloody Wilko won the lot$125+B.B.B.$20.good one mate.

Congrats to all winners good golfing and mental health red oclock time turning into an alco cheers capt. Dave.


Vets Golf.

Monday 9th August 2021.

Monday golf dont you just love it, especially when you have a win u bloody beauty bonza 42pts Capt Dave winners are grinners except I forgot to tell the other Viet Vets it was champs day so I will have to win it again to make it right. Only 43 starters (dont know why).

Div.1 winner D.Harrod(21) 42pts R/U D.Davey(8) 39pts.

Div.2 winner J.Mason(27) 35pts R/U R.Duncan(26) 34pts.

Rundown 34pts all in .N.T.P.S.2nd.W.Howlett.7th.A.Brown+K.Davey.12th.P.Hayes+B.McElveneyand16th.D.Parkes+G.McLean.

Raffles B.Meekings$50.D.VonItzstein$25.T.Gosling$25.J.Bell$25.

B.B.B.Alex Kwock.$20.N.R.V.G.lucky door prize K.Thackeray$25gift voucher.Thats all folks good golfing and mental health time for a well deserved red cheers Capt Dave.(its only small talk)


Vets Golf.

Monday 2nd August 2021.

A beautiful winters day 25 degrees, a pity with this covid business,limiting to a field of 32 players without the maroons but the Blues managed to have a drink on the capts shout for the horses birthday. All I can say is thank Palletjack for that.(we will catch up though.)

Winner Ken Davey(31) 40pts R/UP Bob Duncan(26)36pts.Rundown33pts all in.N.T.P.S.7th S.Woolley+T.Tarlinton.12thC.Henderson+K.Davey.16thJ.Trichter+J.Bell.

B.B.B.Steve Wilkinson $20.But saving the best for last,good one Bobby Duncan who drew the raffle Capt Dave $50 and Vice Wayne $50 you bloody beauty bottler what a great result. Good golfing and mental health . What can I say 2 months on the wagon it makes you appreciate a nice red and get back to a little bit of (ab)normality.Cheers capt Dave.


Vets Golf.

Monday 26th July 2021.

Only 37 starters today due to covid border hassles.A nice day though with the weather getting warmer(after 9.30am.)

Winner Max Jessop(20) 42pts with r/u David Wallis(10)41pts.Rundown34 all in.N.T.P.S.2nd D.Wallis7th M.Jessop+K.Wood12thA.Mason+J.Mason. 16thS.Irving.Raffles P.Wazlawek$75 and T.Brown$25.B.B.B.A.Kwok$20.

Good golfing and mental health(cuppa time) cheers Capt Dave.


Vets Golf.

Monday 19th July 2021.

A cool morning but warmed up after 9 holes.55 players today so two divs just need to get 60 to reach three divs. its warming up so we might get there soon.

Div 1 winner Pat Hayes(8)39pts C/B

r/u Stephen O Keefe(20)39pts.

Div 2 winner John Alexander(29)38pts C/B

r/u Don Culpitt (31) 38pts.

Rundown 32pts all in.N.T.P.S. 2nd D.Wallis7thJ.Bryant+K.Davey 12thD.Davey+K.Davey16thJ.Edwards+T.Tarlinton.Pat Hayes eagle on 18th 6 balls coming your way.

Raffles.D.Davey.D.Wallis.H.Williams.G.Malley.T.Gosling.P.Hayes.all$25. B.B.B. J.Dalley $20.Well done to all you winners.

Club Championship mons 20th and 27th September.

Good golfing and mental health cup of tea time cheers Capt Dave.


Vets Golf.

Monday 12th July 2021.

Another chilly winters day with 48 starters.

Div.1 winner John Bryant (14) 39pts C/B

R/U Stuart Irving (16)39pts.

Div.2 Winner Mervyn Evans (30) 40pts.

R/U Jim Benny (30) 39pts.

Run down 34pts all in.N.T.P.S. 7th J.Bryant+M.Pattison12th D.Russell+J.Alexander16th K.Thackeray+D.Harrod.

Raffles.W.Martlew.J.Bryant.R.Telfer.S.Caine.H.Williams.M.Pattison.all $25.

B.B.B. Jim Benny $20 voucher.

Thats all folks,good golfing and mental health cheers Capt. Dave.


Vets Golf

Monday 28th June 2021.

Brrrrr another cool morning with an annoying cool breeze that didnt make it easy for the 50 brave souls that challenged the conditions.

Div 1 winner Darryl Davey (8) 42pts (I,d like to have what he,s on)

R/u Ross Telfer (21) 37pts.

Div 2 winner Rod Jackson (29) 36pts.

R/u Roger Pettyfor(23) 33pts.

Captains 1st day back after long spell rundown 31pts all in.

N.T.P.S. 2nd J.Bell7thJ.Lehkyj+J.Mason12thW.Howlett+R.Pettyfor16thK.Walker.

Raffles P.Hayes$25.C.Henderson$25and J.Dalley$75.B.B.B.D.Davey$20.

Time for a cuppa,good golfing and mental health cheers capt Dave.

P.S. If you dont put your name on NTP card no one wins(aka 16th 22_36)


Vets Golf.

Monday 21st June 2021.

A pleasant day out there for golfing reflected by the good scores in. 51 starters, numbers improving.

Div.1 Winner Kim Thackeray (13) 38pts.

R/U John Kraus(16) 36pts.

Div2. Winner Peter Wazlawek(32) 44pts.

R/U. Gregory Seymour (29)39pts.

Rundown 33pts all in.N.T.P.S. 2nd K .Walker 7th P.Hayes+P.Wazlawek.12th K.Cooper+H.Williamsand16th W.Muir.


B.B.B. Derryk Russell $20.(on a roll boy)Congrats to all winners.

Good golfing and mental health. Cheers Capt. Dave.(time for a cuppa boring).Dingy is improving daily and says Hello.


Vets Golf.

Monday 14th June 2021.

Brrrrrrrrr a very very chilly winters morning with only 49 brave souls venturing out to challenge the elements. None the less some great scores in with run down to36 all in.

Winner Ken (blender) Wood (26) 40pts.

R/Up Bob McElveney (27) 39pts on c/b.

N.T.P.S. 2nd A.Mason, T.Trevitt. 7th J.Kraus, J.mason 12th P.Hayes, J.Mason.16th J.Kraus, A.Kwok.

Raffles. R.Hedger,S.Wilkinson,J.Kraus,all$25 and R.Pettyfor $50.

B.B.B. Derryk Russell $20. Well done to all winners.

Dingy is walking without assistance and improving daily go Wayne.

Thats all folks good golfing and mental health, time for a nice cup of tea(im on the wagon again) cheers capt Dave.