Vets Golf.

Monday 17th January m2022.

A very humid day out there but a better turn out with 54 players.

Div A winner J.Bryant(13)38pts r/u K.Thackery(12)36pts.

Div B winner R.Duncan(24)37pts r/u W.Howlett(19)36pts.

Div C winner R.Jackson(27)38pts r/u M.Pattison(27)36pts.

N.T.P.s 2nd M.Menken+M.Jessop.7th J.Bryant+T.Trevitt.12th J.Krause+K.Walker.16thS.Wilkinson+G.McLean.

Run down a very generous 32pts all in.

Raffles$75 J.Dalley$25 W.Muir$25R.Hedger$25R.Duncan.

B.B.B.$20 J.Benny. Well done to all winners.

Good golfing and mental health.(cup of tea time)cheers Capt Dave.

P.S. Championships 7th+14th February check notice board for eligibility.



With the border finally open, it is great to see that we have had our second 90+ field in a row. And the weather was a bit warm but we had a nice breeze coming from the North.

Single Stableford was today’s event, over 2 grades.

Division 1 Winner Alan Hubbard (2) 37 pts. Runnerup Daniel Lawler (Visitor) (15) 36 pts.

Division 2 Winner Graeme Johnson (22) 40 pts. Runnerup David Briggs (22) 38 pts.

Ball rundown went to 34 pts.

NTP’S Division 1

2nd Rick Culpitt. 7th Wayne Stone. 12th Brendon Willoughby. 16th Alan Hubbard.

Division 2 2nd Kevin Berry. 7TH Mark Stockwell. 12th Graham Hopkins. 16th Bryan Penny.

PRO PIN Alan Hubbard $84.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by Paul Pochodyla $20 Voucher.

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw Kim Hall $20.00

Raffle Winners were John Dalley $75, Mark Kenny $25, Stephen Caine $25, Gary Pettit $25, Geoff Clarke $25.

As at the time of writing this blog, we have a full Foursome Championship field. Don’t forget it is a 8am Hit off. Please !! Get to golf early next week, we need to have you out and at your tee, ready to tee off at 7.55am.

Joke of the day

After a game of golf, a Lady golfer offered her caddy a ride into town. The caddy thankfully accepted and carried her clubs to her car. The Lady drove to her house and the caddy then carried her clubs into her house. The Lady invited him to stay for lunch, and served him a wonderful meal. She then invited him into the bedroom. He was puzzled but went along out of curiosity. She asked if he wanted to go to bed with her, so he did that too. Later he realized it was time to get back to the course and prepared to leave. The housewife insisted on giving him a Dollar before he could go. This was too much for the poor man, and he asked her, “Miss, what is going on?” First, you feed me a delicious meal, and as if that isn’t enough, you invite me to make love to you, and we had a terrific time together, now you want to pay me? “What is this anyway?” So she explained proudly,” I told my husband that I wanted to do something nice for my caddy, who has been so faithful and helped me so much this year, so my husband said, “Screw the caddy! Give him a Dollar!” The Lady smiled and said, “But lunch was my idea.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain



Perfect day for golf today, and it was great to have our biggest field for possibly 6 months, with 90 players enjoying the terrific weather.

2 BBB Stableford today. When playing, if you can not beat your partners score, pick up, it makes the game more enjoyable and a bit quicker.

Winners today were a couple of up and coming youngsters, Brian Britton and Terry Trevitt with 47pts, Runner’s up were another couple of youngsters in Ken Walker and Geoff Clarke with 46pts.

Ball rundown went to 39pts.

NTP’S Division 1

2nd Steve Wilkinson, 7th Kim Thackeray, 12th Ken Walker, 16th Wayne Stone.

Division 2 2nd Peter Maybury, 7th Paul Quinlin, 12th Graeme Johnson, 16th David Harrod.

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by Damien Timbery $20 Voucher.

Raffle Winners, Wayne Muir $25, John McLoughlin $25, Robert Duncan $25, Ross Telfer $25, Anthony Brown $25.

Joke of the day

Tim, an office employee of Doug’s, knew his Boss was out of the office for the day. Tim had a brilliant idea to transfer all of his office telephone calls to his personal cell phone and took it with him to play golf. Doug called while Tim was on the sixth hole, and asked, “How is everything going today?” Trying to keep his composure and muffle the ambient outside noise, Tim responded, “Everything’s great, all under control, Boss.” “That’s Great,” his Boss replied, “Could you do me a favor?” “Sure,” Tim said. “What do you need?” “Could you move a little faster?” Doug said. “I’m in the Foursome behind you.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain


Vets Golf.

Monday 10th January 2022.

Welcome back to another exciting year of golf. Who knows what the covid gods will do to us this year, wait and see. 46 players today who battled it out in the very hot and humid conditions.

Div 1 winner Ross Telfer(20)38pts r/u Wayne Muir(16)35pts.

Div 2 winner Tony Mason(24)39pts r/u Owen Snelling(25)35pts.

N.T.P.s Div1 2nd B.McElveney7thS.Wilko12thK.Walker16thD.Wallis.

Div2 2ndHouse7thT.Mason12thR.Duncan16thG.McLean.

Rundown 32pts all in.

Raffle$50 Wilko$25The Blender$25Shrek$25Dingy$25G.Malley.

B.B.B. $20 Owen Snelling.

Bad day for the capt.3rd hole(I had par)scooter blew up and is a write off. rear car window stuck and wont wind up and it is dry January happens.

Well done to all winners today, good golfing and mental health, cup of tea time cheers capt Dave.



Welcome back everyone to Saturday golf, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and you got to spend it with your family.

The morning field got off to a good start but at around 9.45 the rain came down for about 10 or so minutes, and that was all the rain we got until the last group of the day was playing the last, but my goodness , didn’t it get hot out there.

Don’t forget, or Foursome Championship is coming up on January 22nd. Please read the conditions of play to make sure you and eligible to play. You must have played 5 single events during last year, as this is a last year Championship. Meaning 5 (Single Stableford, Stroke or Par events).

Today’s winners were

Division 1 Jason Wootton (5) 74 / 69. Runnerup Michael Kemp (6) 79 / 73.

Division 2 Jared Brown (13) 79 / 66. Runnerup Kevin Tooley (14) 82 / 68.

Division 3 David Kammer (22) 91 / 69. Runnerup David Callard 99 / 70.

Ball rundown went to 74

NTP’S Division 1 2nd David Von Itzstein, 7th Michael Kemp, 12th Alan Hubbard, 16th Michael Kemp.

Division 2 2nd House, 7th Mark Kenny, 12th Jonno Dwyer, 16th Liam Henzell.

Division 3 2nd Dean Stockwell, 7th Graham Stritkze, 12th Graham Stritkze, 16th Luke Skinner.

PRO PIN Alan Hubbard $66.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by David Killion $20 Voucher

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw David Callard $20

Raffle Winners were Kevin Haddrick $50, Greg Morrison $25, Brian Springfield $25, Clint Dunn $25.

Joke of the day

After Church one Sunday, one of the Church goers walked up to his Priest and asked a question. “Father, is it a sin to play golf on Sundays?” he asked. “My son”, said the Priest, putting his hand on the man’s shoulder, “I’ve seen your golf game, It’s a Sin any day”.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain



Happy New Year to everyone. Another year of golf is about to begin, and I say about to begin, as late last night we had 101 players waiting to get out and have a hit, but the rain came and our field had dropped away to 16 players. But as the field had started before it got persistent we still had a comp. We turned it back to 1 Division, but the NTP’S will stay at 2 Divisions.

For the players that were Winners or Runners up on Wednesday the 22nd of December and the raffle winner, your money has now been put onto you card.

For the players who brought raffle numbers today, I am holding onto the money and raffle sheet until next Wednesday.

Today’s winners were Jason Wootton (3) 32pts. Runnerup Nathan Smith (20) 31pts c/b.

NTP’S 2nd Steve Wilkinson. 7th Nimai Strickland, Stephen Evans. 12th Jason Wootton, Peter Maybury. 16th Jason Wootton.

PRO PIN Peter Maybury $14.00

Ball rundown went to 30 pts.

Joke of the day

A man and his wife walked into a Dentist’s office. “Doc, I’m in one heck of a hurry”, the man said to the Dentist. “I have 2 buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic, I don’t have time for the gum’s to get numb. I just want you to pull the tooth, and be done with it. We have a 10am tee time at the best golf course in town and it’s 9.30 already. I don’t have time for the anesthetic to work. The Dentist thought to himself, “Well, Well, at last a golfer with real balls!. So the Dentist asks him, “Which tooth is it, Sir?” The man turned to his wife and said, “Open your Mouth, Honey, and show the Dentist”.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain








Vets Golf.

. Monday 20th December 2021.

Bloody hot out there today, 51 starters with 8 more Q.L.D.s back playing with us, good to see.(capt. played like a busted A and got the NAGA)

Div 1 winner Robert Irvine(13)37pts on c/b r/u Kev Haddrick(11)37pts.

Div 2 winner Jim Benny(31)40pts.r/u Greg Seymour(29) 39pts.

NTPS Div1 2ndS.Irving7thR.Ind12thD.Vonitzstein16thW.Muir.

Div2 2ndJ.Bell7thM.Pattison12thK.Wood.16thJ.Bell.

Rundown a very generous 33pts all in.(tis xmas)

Raffles W.Martlew,J.Gilroy,G.McLean,M.Evans,M.Pattison,K.Wood.all$25.

B.B.B. Howard Williams. $20

Well boys thats it for this year I hope you all have a very safe holiday and will see you all on the 10th January to start another great year of golf.

Any prizes won today will go on your card in the new year so you dont lose it. Red oclock time cheers Capt. Dave.




Wednesday 5th Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Saturday 8th Monthly Medal Stroke 3 Divisions

Wednesday 12th Stableford 2BBB

Saturday 15th Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Wednesday 19th Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Saturday 22nd Men’s Foursome Championship shotgun start 27 holes

Wednesday 26th Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Saturday 29th Stableford 2BBB


Wednesday 2nd Single V Par 2 Divisions

Saturday 5th Monthly Medal Stroke 3 Divisions, Medal of Medals Playoff, 1st Round Men’s Single Championship

Wednesday 9th Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Saturday 12th 2nd Round Men’s Single Championship

Wednesday 16th Stableford 2 Ball Aggregate

Saturday 19th 3 Round Men’s Single Championship, and Single Stableford 1 Division

Wednesday 23rd Single Stableford 2 Divisions

Saturday 26th FINAL Round Men’s Single Championship and Single Stableford 1 Division



Well what another beautiful day we had today… even though it was very warm. We had 72 players today, and I hope you enjoyed having 3 Divisions, which gives an extra Winner and Runnerup and also 4 NTP’S.

Some really good scores were recorded today which highlights how the course is playing.

Don’t forget your points on your Members card must be used by New Years Eve. If your unsure what to do with them, you can put them on to a Twin Towns card and have 3 years to use them or use them to pay for your next Membership dues.

Tomorrow I will put on the blog, the next 2 months fixtures which will include the Foursome Championship and the A,B and C Grade Championship, as well, the Medal of Medals Champion.

To the players who are not playing on Wednesday, Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family. And have a Great and a safe New Year, and it will be great to see you back on Wednesday 5th January or Saturday 8th.

Today’s winners were, Division 1Michael Tink-Hornett (8) 37 pts c/b. Runnerup Michael Kemp (6) 37 pts.

Division 2 Bryan Penny (19) 40 pts. Runnerup Jeff Hensby (14) 39 pts c/b.

Division 3 James Wood (24) 41 pts. Runnerup Cody Ross (27) 40 pts.

Ball rundown went to 35 pts.

NTP’S Division 1 2nd Jason Wootton. 7th Trevor Neil. 12th Patrick Hayes. 16th Michael Kemp.

Division 2 2nd James Storey. 7th Jonno Dwyer. 12th Jeff Hensby. 16th Des Scott.

Division 3 2nd John Baddeley. 7th Danny Minogue. 12th Danny Minogue. 16th Mark James.

PRO PIN Jeff Hensby $68.00

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw Merv Evans $20.

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by Brent McLennan $20.00 voucher.

Raffle Winners were, Walter Fisk $25, James Wood $50, Michael Ziegler $75.

Joke of the day.

Dave Killion, a handy golfer, went to a new golf shop in the big city. After looking around for some time, Dave finally selected the new Clubs he wanted. Walking to the checkout counter with his new clubs, Dave pulled out his wallet and prepared to pay. The cashier, a beautiful blonde, said, “Strip down, facing me.” Not sure what was going on and not being used to the Big City ways, Dave did as she asked. When the hysterical shrieking and laughs finally subsided, Dave asked, “What’s so funny?” “I was talking about how you should hold your credit card,” the cashier responded.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain