Vets Golf.

Great to have a wonderful sunny day,dry course with a bit of run back. Open day went well 68 players including 20 visitors.All said they enjoyed the day and lunch

One Div. 1st Rod Jackson(25)41pts 2nd Terry Trevitt(26)40pts 3rd John Mason(29)39pts 4th Ken Walker(21)and 5th Robert Ind(16)37pts.

Rundown everybody won a ball.

Raffles Peter Wazlawek$75.Alan Simpson$50.Dave Harrod,Terry Gosling,Wayne Howlett,Wayne Muir all $25 each.

Commiserations to Les Isbell and Stuart Irving both struck down with dreaded Covid(get well soon boys).

Coming up Vets Championships Monday September 5th and 12th.Must have played 5 Vet games to be eligible to participate.

Well its been a long day, good golfing and mental health(red oclock time) cheers Capt. Dave.


2022 Mixed Foursomes Championships Conditions of play

21st August 2022

1. COMPETITION FEE: to be paid at pro shop on the day. Book normally

2. Competition played over 27 Holes.

3. Nominations are Open

4. TWO DIVISIONS: 0 to 21.5 and 21.6 to 45

a. Divisions will be decided by any adding Handicaps together and dividing by 2.

b. Example1: Man’s H/cap 15 and Ladies H/Cap 25 = 40 divided by 2 = 20 (Division 1)

c. Example2: Man’s H/cap 26 and Ladies H/Cap 21 = 47 divided by 2 = 23.5 (Division 2)

5. The Championships are open to Club Banora members ONLY.

6. Club Banora Golf Club General Conditions of Play apply during the Championships.

7. The Championships will be played in groups of four [4] and off the Championship Markers. All play will commence from the first tee.

8. The lady will hit off odd tees on the first 18 holes. The man will hit off the odd tees on the final nine holes. Once a player has teed off, the partners will strike the ball alternately until the hole is completed. Any penalty strokes will not affect the order of play, that includes hitting a provisional ball.

Scoring is identical to Stroke event where gross scores are recorded and handicap deducted

9. Best Gross Winners in each Division will be the Club Champions in their Division and their names will go on the Honour Board. Trophies will be awarded to the best Gross and best Gross Runner-Up in each Division. Best Nett and Nett Runner-Up in each Division. Only one major trophy can be won by any one pairing ie; Best Gross, Best Nett, Gross Runner-Up, Nett Runner-Up.

10. In the event of a tie the Best Gross in any Division, a play-off will take place on four [4] holes: 10th , 14th, 15th and 18th The lowest Gross Score over these four holes will be the Winner. If there is still a tie, only the tied teams will play the same for four [4] holes in a sudden death play-off until the result is known. It is the player’s responsibility, in the event of a play-off, to make themselves available at a time designated by the Match Committee.

11. In the event of a tie for Runners-up in Gross or Nett the A.G.U. count back system will apply.

12. Motorised buggies are permitted.

13. The tee off times will be 8.30AM to 9.30AM. The final nine holes will be at the Starter’s discretion.

14. The Match Committee has the right to change the format as it sees fit. Their decision is final at all times.

Kevin Haddrick – Mens Captain Liz Edwards – Ladies Captain


Sunday 21st August Mixed Foursomes Championships 27 holes

Book as usual through the pro shop or online from 8.30

$20 at the starters on the day for your golf. A light lunch will be provided after the game. If you need a partner, let us know. All players must be financial members of Club Banora Golf Section



We finally got a Monthly Medal under way with out any rain, but we did experience a little overnight showers, but that only settled the topsoil and gravel.

67 players teed off, which was a little down on our normal Medal days, which could have been from the overnight showers or players don’t like Stroke events.

We now have introduced on Medal days a Third place in all Grades. This is for $20.

Today winners were, A GRADE. Brendon Willoughby (12) 69 . Michael Kemp (8) 71. Patrick Hayes (7) 71.

B GRADE. Kevin Bartlett (19) 68. Gerry Martin (19) 69. Trevor Neil (14) 70.

C GRADE. Brian Britton (29) 68. John McLoughlin (25) 69. Stephen Robinson (23) 70 c/b.

Ball rundown went to 73.


A GRADE 2nd. Ray Mills, 7th. Jason Wootton, 12th Brendon Willoughby.

B GRADE 2nd. Kevin Trinne, 7th. Kevin Trinne, 12th. Kevin Tooley.

C GRADE. 2nd. House, 7th. Barry McFadden, 12th. Barry McFadden.

Mystery 6. These are 6 holes selected by Barry before we tee off, and worked on Nett score on each hole. Today’s winner was Merv Evans $20 Pro Shop Voucher.

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw Trevor Neil $20.

Raffle Winners were, Walter Fisk $25, Wayne Muir $25, David Harrod $25, Geoff Clarke $25, Nigel Luxton $25.

Next Competition is Wednesday 10th. Single Stableford 2 Divisions.

Joke of the day

A Hacker and his Caddie embarked upon a round of golf early one morning. After countless Bogeys, Double Bogeys and even a few “others”, the end of the round was finally in sight for the beleaguered golfer and his faithful Caddie. On the 18th tee, the player hit a wild slice into the thick rough right of the fairway. After searching for what seemed an eternity, the Caddie stumbled upon a white dot in the tall fescue and waved his man over. “That can’t be my ball”, the Golfer said. “It looks far too old.” “To be fair, Sir,” the Caddie said. “It’s been a long time since we started looking. “

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain


Thursday Ladies Golf 4th August

We are on a roll another good golf day just a bit of wind ! The course is drying out lots of sand around which is better than mud . Once the weather starts to warm up the grass will come back through and the course will get better and better!

We played our last Monthly Medal this week ,on time ,which was a plus! We still have quite a few events to tick off before the end of the year including the Foursomes and our delayed Club Championships!

Next week we play our delayed Fourball vs Par and next after that on the 18th August is our Foursomes Championships —- 27 holes followed by lunch all for $20 , plenty of spots available so give it a go!

On the 25th August is our Tombola day which is always a lot of fun with lots of goodies to choose from !

Now to our results:

Div 1 Monthly Medal Winner : Marilyn Burns 73 nett , Runnerup : June McFadden 74 nett, Gross Winner : Kaye Mills 87 gross, Putting: Pat Hodda .

Div 2 Monthly Medal Winner : Diane Hughes 74 nett, Runnerup: Judy Mount 76 nett, Gross Winner: Judy Mount 105 gross, Putting : Judy Mount.

NTP’s: 2nd Div 1 June McFadden, Div 2 Janet Haddrick. 7th Div 1 Nancy Douglas, Div2 Glenda Ballard.

Pro Pin was won by Peggy Williams $28.00

Gold Medal Playoff is 15th September

See you all next week at this stage the weather looks pretty good!!

Liz and Myra




87 players took on a 4 Person Ambrose today. Beautiful weather, with a medium southerly breeze.

The scoring system is not looking good. When you score a golf you must show how many strokes you played on each hole. Just putting a cross on the card is not sufficient, you must also show how many strokes your team had as a number in the strokes column. As 3 drives each is required per player you must show in the players columns when they were used. This is the final warning, if any cards in the future are not filled out properly, they will be disqualified.

Winners today were .. Nimai Strickland, Stephen O’Keeffe, James Cardoo and Aaron Garland. 57.12.

Runners up .. Ken Mount, Warwick Self, Jason Wootton and Wayne Woodford. 57.37.

Ball rundown went to 59.62.

NTP’S 2nd Les Browning, 7th Gary Roach, 12th Mark Jessop.

PRO PIN Mark Jessop $77.00

Raffle Winners were Alan Simpson $25, Stuart Irving $75.

Saturday is our Monthly Medal.

The whole month of September is our Club Championship. To be eligible for the Championship you must be a current financial member of the Club Banora Golf Club and must have completed at least 5 single rounds of golf this year at Club Banora.

And also Saturday 22nd of October will be our 27 hole Foursome Championship, Shotgun start with a field of a maximum of 80 players.

Joke of the day

The room was full of pregnant women and their partners, and the Lamaze class was in full swing. The instructor was teaching the woman how to breathe properly, along with informing the men how to give the necessary assurances at this stage of the plan. The teacher then announced, “Ladies, exercise is good for you. Walking is especially beneficial. Gentlemen, it wouldn’t hurt you to take the time to go walking with your partner!” The room got quiet. Finally, a man in the middle of the group raised his hand. “Yes?” Replied the teacher. “Is it alright if she carries the golf bag while we walk?”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain



Beautiful morning for golf, until the afternoon field took to the course, and then the winds got cool, and we also experienced a small drizzle spell.

86 players played today, which was a good increase from Wednesday. Well, as you know we have a new Computer system, and we found out that it didn’t like a 4bbb. We will look at having Single cards,the next time we have this event.

If you saw the results on the Web site, you will notice that it only showed 27 pairs. The Computer didn’t like the remainder of the field.

Winners today were Liam Henzell and Ed Brierley 47pts, Runner ups Wayne Muir and Michael Kemp 46pts c/b.

Ball rundown went to 42pts.


Division 1. 2nd Kevin Tooley, 7th Colin McLeod, 12th Joe Lehkyj.

Division 2. 2nd Jim Benny, 7th David Kammer, 12th Adam Power.

Pro Pin. David Kammer $80.00

Raffle Winner Hayden Gilbank $125.00

Joke of the day

Golfer to Caddie. “Why do you keep looking at your watch?. I find it very distracting”. Caddie . ” It’s not a watch, sir. It’s a compass”.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain


Thursday Ladies Golf 28thJuly

What a great day we had today! Lovely weather , course drying out , a party with cake 🍰and lots of lovely ladies looking pretty in pink!👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚👚

Today we had our Pink Lady Day— a Team of 4 with 3 scores to count combined with a pink ball competition. We also celebrated Betty’s 96th birthday, with a photographer from Twin Towns to do a story to go in the Twin Towns News , and hopefully encourage a few more ladies to take up golf!

We had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer instead of our usual raffle and raised $400 which was a great effort— this money to go to the Cancer Care ward at Tweed Hospital (keeping it in our area).

Now to the golf : The winners of the Pink Ball competition with 38 points were Denise F Culpitt, Denise M Culpitt, Denise Melling and Marlene Whyatt.

The winners of the Team of Four best three scores to count were : Pat Hodda, Pauline Ryan, Peggy Williams and Kaye Mills with 115 points. Runners up were Marilyn Burns, Alison Blair, Judy Mount and Jeanette Fisk with 107 points.

NTP’s were Div 1 on 2nd Kaye Mills . Div 2 on 2nd Pauline Benny. Div 1 on 7th Kaye Mills. Div 2 on 7th Denise Melling. All four players in their team win a ball.

Pro Pin was won by Penny Martlew $37.

Trophy donors make our prize money go a lot further especially when we have a team of four! Thankyou to our trophy donors for today.

Thanks also to Kaye and Diane for their efforts on the computer they are very happy with the new system, but every new game we play has its own challenges. It did seem strange to each have a card for the team of four but the computer worked it all out and gets it right everytime!!

Next week 4th August we play our 6 th and last Monthly Medal! On the 11th August we will have another try for Myra’s favourite game 4ball vs Par. The next week 18th August we play our Foursomes Championships , there is a sheet up in the computer room so you can pick a time to play and see who is playing , the cost is $20 (pay on the day) this includes a lunch of gourmet sandwiches and chips and 27 holes of golf. Then it is fun time again on the 25th August with a fourball and our Tombola Day !

Thanks to you all for your support and help it was a wonderful day!!

Cheers from Liz and Myra




76 players played in today’s Single Stableford event, and a cool breeze greeted the morning field. But with the results in at the end of the day that breeze didn’t effect the way they played. With the Winners and Runnerup all coming from the early starters.

Division 1 Winner was Kim Thackeray (14) 38pts c/b. Runnerup Patrick Hayes (6) 38pts.

Division 2 Winner Mark Jessop (20) 37pts. Runnerup Graeme Baker (28) 35pts.

Ball rundown went to 33pts.

NTP’S Division 1, 2nd Dave Von Itzstein, 7th Dave Wallis, 12th Robert Sheppard.

Division 2, 2nd Brian Britton, 7th Ken Walker, 12th Michael Byrne.

Pro Pin Dave Wallis $67.00

Raffle Number and Winners, 60 , John Olsen $50, Stuart Irving $25, Walter Fisk $25.

This Saturday we have a 4bbb Stableford, I will have a small notice board, which will be under the main board, before you cross the bridge, it will show you how to fill in the 4ball card. Please stop are see how you are to Mark this card as it is different to a Single Stableford.

Joke of the day

Mac invited his friend, Jimmy, to play at his new Golf Club. Since Jimmy had never played the course before, Mac pointed out the trouble spots and where to aim, on the first hole. Jimmy teed up, addressed the ball, took a couple of waggled and took a vicious swing. He hit a foot behind the ball, tore up the tee box, and totally missed the ball. Unphased he stepped back, took a couple of practice swings and again addressed the ball. This time his swing missed everything. He stepped back from his ball again, looked at Mac and said. “Boy, this is really a tough course!”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain


Vets Golf.

Great to be out there playing again on a nice sunny day.Still a bit damp in places but preferred lie helped.Weather is looking promising in coming days,lets hope so.

Div1winner Kevin Casey(21)39ptsr/u Ken Walker(21)38pts.

Div2winner Allan Corke(29)38ptsr/u Stephen Caine(29)36pts.

N.t.p.s2nd Tim Tarlinton+Graeme Johnson 7th Jim Benny+John Krause

12th Alex Kwok+Kim Thackery 16th Dave Wallis+Grant McLean.

Rundown 32pts all in.B.B.B. John Alexander $20.

Raffles.Stuart Irving$50.Dave Harrod,Wayne Muir,Grant McLean $25.

Good Golfing and mental health cheers Capt. Dave.(red oclock time sorry its a bit late Ros.)