Thursday golf

Looking forward to seeing everyone back out on the golf course on Thursday , weather is looking good the greens are waiting for us and I know you can’t wait to finally play our first Monthly Medal in over 12 months. As an added incentive we will have our belated Easter raffle.

Liz and Myra



Monday 12th April 2021.

Welcome back boys a glorious day after along absence hence the free day and ball to get you all in the mood.

Thankyou for obeying the rules so we can keep the carts on.

Only 1 Div. as only 46 starters’

Winner John Gilroy (30) 37pts. R/U. John Mason (27) 35pts.

N.T.P.S. 2nd John Bryant and Bazza McFadden.

7th John Bryant and Peter Wazlawek.

12th Terry Gosling and Darryl Davey.

16th Terry Trevitt and Terry Gosling.

Bazzas Birdie Bonus Howard Williams $20.

Good golfing and mental health RED Oclock time cheers Capt Dave.


Vets Golf

Monday 12th April Carts will be allowed on the course today.

Only pemitted on fairways and paths.

Anyone caught driving in the rough or wet areas will be DISQUALIFIED.

So dont stuff it up or Roger will take carts off again.

Cheers Capt. Dave.


Men’s Golf Saturday 10/4/21

The conditions for today were very tough. 39 players battled it out on wet fairways and heavy rough, and hot and humid conditions which took it’s toll on a few players.

One Division today and the winner was Gerry Martin (20) with 39pts. Runner up was Graham Hopkins (16) with 38pts. Ball rundown went to 33pts.

NTP’S 2nd Brendon Williams, 7th Kevin Haddrick, 12th Michael Tink-Hornett 16th Graeme Johnson

Pro Pin Michael Tink-Hornett $36

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz Ray Price $20 Pro Shop

Let’s hope the weather picks up and dries out the course and allows the carts to get back out there so everyone gets to enjoy a game of golf.

Joke of the day

A routine Police Patrol parked outside a Bar at Banora Golf Club. Shortly before closing, the officer sees a man carrying golf clubs leaving so intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled and bumbled around the parking lot. The Officer remained quiet, observing him. The man stumbled for what seemed like an eternity trying his keys in five different vehicles. Finally, he found his pickup truck and tried to throw his clubs in the back, but fell down trying. His golf bag and clubs fell out and tumbled on top of him. He sat there looking at his clubs and bag for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off.

He gathered everything up, got into his truck, started the engine and switched the wipers on and off, even though it was a clear moonlit night. Then he flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little, and then remained still for a few minutes as some more of the other patrons vehicles left.

At last, When his was the only vehicle left in the parking lot, he pulled out and drove slowly down the road.

The Police officer, having waited patiently all this time, now started his Patrol car, and put on his emergency lights and pulled the man over.

“Good evening, Officer,” the golfer said. “License and Registration, please? Have you been drinking tonight?” the Officer said. “No Sir, not a drop,” the man said. The Officer administered a Breathalyzer test. To his amazement the Breathalyzer indicated no evidence that the man had consumed any alcohol at all! Dumbfounded, the Officer said, “I’ll have to ask you to accommodate me to the Police station, the Breathalyzer must be broken,

“I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT”. The golfer said. Tonight, I’m the Designated Decoy”.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick



Ladies Golf 8/4/21

Golf course closed again. No competition Thursday starting to get a bit boring but we look forward to next week the rain must stop soon.



Ladies Golf – Tuesday 6/4/2021

Once again course is closed so no golf Tuesday it also does not look good for Thursday. But keep looking on the web just in case it should stop raining!!!!!!!!

When we eventually get back to playing on a Thursday we will have 2 weeks of medal rounds or if it still keeps raining we might start playing bingo or cards.????????



Men’s Golf Saturday 3/4/21

Men’s Golf Saturday 3/4/21

A good field of 79 players, considering we are in the Easter holidays, took to the course in windy and showery conditions for our April monthly medal.

A Grade was won by our Club Champion Alan Hubbard playing off 3 having a 69 nett and Nigel Luxton was runner up with 73.

B Grade went to Steve Wilkinson with 66 Nett and runner up was Phil Coles with a 70.

C Grade went to a count back with Gerry Martin just getting over Dave Kammer both having 69’s.

NTP’s A Grade 2nd Grant Treloar, 7th John Faust, 12th Pat Hayes, 16th Kevin Haddrick B Grade 2nd Geoff Muhleisen, 7th Joe Lehkyl, 12th Bryan Penny, 16th Kim Hall C Grade 2nd House, 7th Kym Fiora, 12th Nick Davis, 16th Greg Morrison Pro pin Pat Hayes $70

Ball rundown went to 75.

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by Jared Brown $20 Pro Shop voucher. North realestate lucky draw went to Gary Pettit $20, and we had 5 games for the Raffle and the winners were Michael Noakes $75, Mark Kenny $25, Steve Caine $25.

With all this rain around, if your in a cart, drive down the fairways, and try to stay out of the rough as it is still very wet in places.

Anyone still wishing to play Pennant golf or being able to be on the reserves list , your names must be in by SUNDAY the 11th of April.

Joke of the day

Stevie Wonder and Jack Nicklaus are in a bar. Nicklaus turns to Wonder and says, “How is the singing career going?” Stevie Wonder says, “Not to bad, the latest album has gone into the top 10, so all in all, it is pretty good, by the way, how is the golf?” Nicklaus replies, “Not to bad, I am not winning as much as I used to but I’m still making a bit of money. I have some problems with my swing, but I think I’ve got that right now.” I always find when my swing goes wrong I need to stop playing for a while and think about it, then the next time I play it seems to be all right,” says Stevie. “You play golf!?” asks Jack. Stevie says, “Yes, I have been playing for years.” “But I thought you were blind; how can you play if you are blind?” Jack asks. “I get my caddie to stand in the middle of the fairway and he calls to me. I listen for the sound of his voice and play the ball towards him, then when I get to where the ball lands the caddie moves to the green of farther down the fairway and again I play the ball towards his voice,” explains Stevie. But how do you putt?” Nicklaus wondered. ” Well” says Stevie, ” I get my caddie to lean down in front of the hole with his head on the ground and I just play the ball to the sound of his voice.” Nicklaus says, “What is your handicap?” ” I play off scratch,” Stevie assures Jack. Nicklaus is stunned and says to Stevie, “We must play a game sometime.” Wonder replies, “Well, people don’t take me seriously so I only play for money, and I never play for less than $100,000 a hole.” Nicklaus thinks it over and says, “Ok, I’m up for that, When would you like to play?. “I don’t care,” Wonder says, “Any night next week is okay with me.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick




Good afternoon Ladies at last we managed to get a game of golf unfortunately we could not play our medal round so played a single stableford. So next week we will try again to play our first medal round.

The course was in good condition considering the amount of rain we have had.. Thankyou Rodger.

Todays Winner was Colleen Kelly with 30 Point Runner up was Diane Hughes with 29 Points – Run down went to 25 Points Kaye Mills 28 June McFadden 27 Denise M Culpitt 27 Denise Melling 25 We only had a small field today but hopefully next week is a better day and we have a full field.

Raffle winners were Betty Hall and Pat Hodda

I Hope by next week we do not have to wear a mask. Thankyou ladies for making the effort to come and play today and maybe some of the restrictions will be lifted by next week. Thankyou Kaye and Lis for all your help.

Captain MYRA


Men’s Golf Wednesday 31/3/21

With the course drying enough and carts being allowed back, a field of 69 players set out to have some fun. Great scores were had from both Divisions.

Division 1 winner was Pat Hayes off 8 having 42 pts which included 5 birdies , Runner up was Charles Huff off 17 with a nice 40 pts.

Division 2 was won by Mark Jessop off 20 with 42 pts and Runner up was Nelson Brannigan off 23 with 38 pts.

Run Down went to 35 pts.

The nearest the pins was highlighted today with a Hole in one on the 16th by the young Terry Trevitt. Great shot Terry. The rest of the pins were won by , on the 2nd, Div 1 Graham Hopkins, Div 2 no one, on the 7th Div 1 Kevin Tooley and Div 2 Wayne Hunter, on the 12th Div 1 Dave Wallis and Div 2 Mark Jessop, on the 16th Div 1 Allan Danks and we already no Terry got Div 2. Pro pin on 12 went to Dave Wallis $58.

PLEASE REMEMBER, keep your carts on the fairways and paths, the rough is too soft to take your cart into, and let’s sand fill our divots and keep our fairways in good condition.

Anyone who wants to play Pennant golf the sheet is up in the score room.

Joke of the day.

Bert, at 80 years old, always wanted a pair of soft spike golf shoes. Seeing some on sale after his round, he bought some. He was so delighted with his new shoes, he decided to wear them home to show his wife.

Walking into the house, he proudly sauntered into the kitchen and said to his wife, ” Notice anything different about me, Margaret?”

She looked him over and replied, “Nope.”

Frustrated and annoyed, Bert stormed off into the bathroom, undressed and walked back into the kitchen, completely naked, except for the new golf shoes.

Again he asked her, a little louder this time, “Notice anything different “NOW” Margaret?”

His 78 year old wife looked up and said, “Bert, what’s different? “It’s hanging down today; ” It was hanging down yesterday; “It’ll be hanging down again tomorrow.”

Furious Bert yells, “And do you know WHY it’s hanging down, Margaret?” “Nope, not a clue.” she replied. ” It’s hanging down because it’s looking at my beautiful new golf shoes!”

Without missing a beat Margaret replied, “You shoulda brought a new hat.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick




monday 29th March 2021

Competition cancelled today due to lack of numbers and no buggies.

Hopefully back to normal on wednesday.

cheers capt Dave.