Ladies. Golf 5/8/21

Well we had a cold wind this morning and because of Qld lockdown we had a small field of 19 players.

We played a Single Stableford and the winner was Mary Swanson. 36 points. R/Up. Colleen Kelly 34 points

NTP. 7th hole 7. Desley. Harrington

Pro. Pin. Janet. Haddrick

Run. Down. Betty Hall. 34 Liz Edwards. 33. Nancy. Douglas. 32. Janet. Haddrick. 32 and. Myra. Biggar 31. On c/b

As our usual computer operators were in lockdown Liz decided she would have her first attempt at recording the scores, with some help from Penny and. Kaye. Well she did it congratulations. Liz great effort.
Our golf will probably be interrupted for a few weeks so keep looking at the blogs in case the programs are changed in the meantime keep safe.

Captain. Myra



What a beautiful day for golf, slight breeze, beautiful blue sky, nothing could go wrong, but it did. When we went to print out all the results, the Internet went down, not only in the Office but in the Island House as well. So I went home printed it all out and the results sheet will be in the score room in the Wednesday folder.

Competition 62 players.

Division 1 Winner John Edwards (18) – 39pts Runner-up Jeffery Trichter (17) – 38pts

Division 2 Winner David Harrod (22) – 38pts c/b Runner-up Robert Hedger (26) – 38pts

NTP’S Division 1 Division 2

2nd Cliff Henderson Terry Gosling

7th Jeff Trichter Glenn Barge

12th Aaron Garland Anthony Mason

16th Aaron Garland Peter Wazlawek

PRO PIN Aaron Garland $56.00

Raffle Winners Stuart Irving $25. Rick Downes $25.

Ball rundown 21 players 32pts.

Mark Kenny Michael Druhala Mark Jessop Nigel Luxton Aaron Garland Roger Pettyfor James Cardoo Stuart Irving John Olsen Phil Coles Steve Wilkinson Rodney Jackson Terry Gosling Howard Williams Dave Kammer Kim Hall Michael Coyne Patrick Hayes Glenn Barge Greg Morrison Brendon Willoughby

At this time, we are still looking at holding our FOURSOME CHAMPIONSHIP, but we are waiting on the Queensland Government announcement on the Border Closure on Sunday. If the Border is still going to be closed, we will postpone the event and hopefully play it on the 28th of August. We will transfer the 14th of August field to the 28th of August.

Joke of the day

After they went into the locker room, another golfer who had heard the old guys talking about their game, went to the Pro and said, “I’ve been playing golf for a long time and thought I knew all the terminology of the game, but what is a rider?. The Pro said,”A rider is when you hit the ball far enough to actually get into the cart and ride to it”.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick



Vets Golf.

Monday 2nd August 2021.

A beautiful winters day 25 degrees, a pity with this covid business,limiting to a field of 32 players without the maroons but the Blues managed to have a drink on the capts shout for the horses birthday. All I can say is thank Palletjack for that.(we will catch up though.)

Winner Ken Davey(31) 40pts R/UP Bob Duncan(26)36pts.Rundown33pts all in.N.T.P.S.7th S.Woolley+T.Tarlinton.12thC.Henderson+K.Davey.16thJ.Trichter+J.Bell.

B.B.B.Steve Wilkinson $20.But saving the best for last,good one Bobby Duncan who drew the raffle Capt Dave $50 and Vice Wayne $50 you bloody beauty bottler what a great result. Good golfing and mental health . What can I say 2 months on the wagon it makes you appreciate a nice red and get back to a little bit of (ab)normality.Cheers capt Dave.


Ladies Golf. Alert

Because of COVID-19 and all the restrictions pending our committee has decided to transfer the medal round on Thursday to the 26th of August hopefully by that time the Queensland members will be allowed back over the border this is the last day we can have this medal . The tombola day will be held on the 2nd September.

This Thursday will be a single stableford

The . Foursomes will be transferred from the 19th August to 30th September this is giving our members a chance to play in this competition.

Just remember if you have been over the border since 21st. July you are only eligible to play social golf and you cannot go into the clubs or island house so keep safe.
Captain . Myra

Golf Committee


Anyone in NSW who has been in any of the 11 affected local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland since Wednesday 21 July, must, from 6pm today (Saturday 31 July) stay at home and only leave their residence with a reasonable excuse.
Anyone already in NSW who has been in any of the 11 affected LGAs in Queensland since Wednesday 21 July must only leave their home or temporary residence in NSW  with a reasonable excuse. Anyone arriving in NSW must complete a declaration and then travel directly to their accommodation and only leave with a reasonable excuse. A person must comply with the stay at home rules for 14 days since they were last in an affected LGA, or until the notice is revoked. 
The affected LGAs are: Brisbane City, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Logan City, Noosa Shire Council, Redland City, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council, and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
Additionally, we are asking that everyone who is living in the same residence as a person who has been in one of the 11 LGAs to also follow the stay at home rules and to only leave home with a reasonable excuse. 
People will only be permitted to leave their places of residence with a reasonable excuse, being shopping, medical care, caregiving, outdoor exercise with a member of your household or one other person, and work or education, if you cannot do it from home. 
People subject to the stay-at-home measures in Queensland should not be travelling to NSW unless they are permitted to do so.
People who have been in one of the 11 Queensland LGAs must continue to comply with all other public health requirements in place in NSW, including the restrictions in Greater Sydney. 
Anyone arriving from Queensland, regardless of whether they’ve been in the 11 affected LGAs or not, must fill out a declaration form.

In regards to our sporting operations:- the NSW rule states that if you have been to SEQ since 21 July then you are only eligible to play sport if it is outdoor exercise with a member of your household or one other person.  – This would exclude group sports or organised sports for those persons who have been to SEQ.- The player needs to determine if they meet the criteria or not.



Very windy conditions were the order of the day as 75 players took to the course. With the greens starting to really dry out, putting is getting quicker, and only 4 players broke or evened their handicap.

We still have 4 places left (8 Players) in our FOURSOME CHAMPIONSHIP get in quick to grab your spot.

Division 1 Winner Keiran Gallagher (9) 39pts, Runnerup Kevin Haddrick (10) 37pts.

Division 2 Winner John Baddeley (20) 40pts, Runnerup Roger Pettyfor (22) 34pts.

Ball rundown went to 31pts.


Division 1 2nd Michael Tink-Hornett, 7th Michael Kemp, 12th Keiran Gallagher, 16th Tony Blair.

Division 2 2nd Brent McLennan, 7th James Storey, 12th Geoff Clarke, 16th Darren Hubery.

PRO PIN Keiran Gallagher $70.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz

$20.00 Pro Shop Voucher Colin McLeod

Lucky Draw Sponsored by Banora Point Real Estate

Walter Fisk $20.00

Raffles Jim Benny (5) $125.00

Joke of the day

A guy on Vacation finishes his round of golf, then goes into the Clubhouse. The Head Pro, Barry say’s, “Did you have a good time out there.” The man replied, “Fabulous, thank you.” Your welcome said Barry, “And how did you find the greens.” The man replied, “Easy, I just walked to the end of the fairways and there they were.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick


Golf Committee

Ladies Golf 29/07/21

We had a very successful day for our Pink Lady Day with 40 of our ladies all wearing something pink a shirt, hat, shorts socks, wigs scarves it was a very colourful day.

It was a fun day with three scores to count out of four.

The Pink Lady Trophy was donated by Pauline Ryan and the winners were Pauline Ryan, Allison Blair, Pat Hodda and Kaye Mills 33 c/b

Winners of Competition Denise Culpitt, Fran Janes, Vivienne Sulejmani and Privanda Hawley. 111

Runners Up Desley Harrington, Diane Hughes, Colleen Kelly and Marilyn Burns 109

NTP Hole 7 Div 1 Kaye Mills Div 2 Cheryl Kelly

Hole 16 Div 1 Liz Edwards Div 2 Lyn Simpson

Pro Pin Coral Rasmussen

Run Down All Players in the Run Down

Raffle. Myra Biggar, Muriel Murray, Jeanette Fisk

We also had a very special occasion yesterday being Betty Halls 95th birthday we all need to take a leaf out of her book not only is she a beautiful person but she stills plays great golf .

Good golfing

Captain Myra



Well the day started nice but by mid morning the wind started to pick up and by time the afternoon field took to the course the wind had come in and it was a tough afternoon.

75 players started and we had 1 disqualification for not signing their card. PLEASE make sure you and your marker both sign your cards.

3 Divisions today, we will be playing more 3 Divisions days both on Wednesday and Saturday.

Winners today.

Division 1 Kim Hall (12) 34pts, Runnerup Jared Brown (12) 33pts c/b.

Division 2 Kevin Tooley (13) 43pts, Runnerup Sean Butler (18) 36pts c/b.

Division 3 Roger Pettyfor (23) 40pts, Runnerup Wayne Hunter (23) 38pts.

Ball rundown went to 32pts


Division 1 2nd Michael Tink-Hornett , 7th Jared Brown, 12th Nigel Luxton, 16th Jared Brown

Division 2 2nd Glenn Barge, 7th Michael Druhala, 12th Owen McCallum, 16th Sean Butler.

Division 3 2nd Bob McElveney, 7th Rodney Jackson, 12th House, 16th Darren Hubery.

PRO PIN Owen McCallum $67.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz

$20 Pro Shop Voucher Terry Gosling

Raffle winners

Anthony Brown $25, Charles Huff $25, Greg Seymour $25.

We still a few places left for the FOURSOME CHAMPIONSHIP.

Joke of the day

Brent stood over his tee shot for what seemed an eternity. He waggled, looked up, looked down, waggled again, but didn’t start his back swing. Finally his exasperated partner asked, “What the hell is taking so long?”. “My wife is up there watching me from the Clubhouse,” Brent explained. “I want to hit the perfect shot.” “GOOD LORD!” His companion exclaimed. “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of hitting her from here.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick



Vets Golf.

Monday 26th July 2021.

Only 37 starters today due to covid border hassles.A nice day though with the weather getting warmer(after 9.30am.)

Winner Max Jessop(20) 42pts with r/u David Wallis(10)41pts.Rundown34 all in.N.T.P.S.2nd D.Wallis7th M.Jessop+K.Wood12thA.Mason+J.Mason. 16thS.Irving.Raffles P.Wazlawek$75 and T.Brown$25.B.B.B.A.Kwok$20.

Good golfing and mental health(cuppa time) cheers Capt Dave.



Perfect day for golf. Over night rain didn’t dampen the day, only Covid did. With 89 players booked in on Friday night, the border crossing closure reduced the field to 72. Today was a Free Day and as a bonus it was played with 3 Divisions.

Division 1 Winner Brad Wilkinson (8) 39pts, Runnerup Nigel Luxton (11) 38pts.

Division 2 Winner Bryan Penny (18) 40pts, Runnerup Brendon Willoughby (15) 39pts.

Division 3 Winner Michael Payne (20) 39pts, Runnerup David Harrod (23) 38pts c/b.

Ball rundown 33pts

We Disqualified 4 players for not having 2 signatures on their card. Please make sure your card is by you and your marker.

NTP’S Division 1, 2nd Alan Hubbard, 7th Brian Springfield, 12th Jared Brown, 16th John Faust.

Division 2, 2nd Gerry Martin, 7th Wayne Muir, 12th Kevin Bartlett, 16th Brendon Willoughby.

Division 3, 2nd David Kammer, 7th David Harrod, 12th Will Salter, 16th Michael Byrne.

PRO PIN Will Salter $70.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz, $20.00 Voucher Michael Kemp.

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw. Macca McGuiness $20.00

Raffle Winners Geoff Clarke $75.00, David Harrod $25.00, Richard Downes $25.00

The booking sheet is open for our FOURSOME CHAMPIONSHIP held on 14th August 8am shotgun start 27 holes. Find a partner and book a tee spot. All for $20 and drinks after play.

Joke of the day

Two friends took a chance and headed to their local Golf Course on a beautiful summers day without a tee time. When they arrived at the Pro Shop the manager had some news. “I’m sorry, guys”, he said. “We don’t have any open tee times available today.” “Wait a minute,” one of the guys said, testing his luck. “What if Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm showed up?” “I’m sure you would be able to find a starting time for them.” “Of course we would, sir.” The man behind the desk said. “Well, I happen to know there not coming,” the golfer said. “SO WE’LL TAKE THEIR TEE TIME.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick