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Due to the lifting of the NSW Health Order the Golf Course will be re opening Wednesday 29th September.

Course Status


Please be advised that current lockdown restrictions will be lifted Saturday September 11th. Golf Course to reopen Saturday September 11th. Social play will be available from 2 30pm


Ladies course open today 19/10/21


Vets Golf.

Monday 18th October 2021.

Well we were all very lucky today with everybody finishing before the skies opened up, although John Edwards almost had a heart attack when a very loud thunder clap hit them on the 18th just before the downpour.

Div1 winner John Edwards(19)40pts.R/U Stuart Irving(16)39pts.

Div2 winner Howard Williams(24)42ptsR/U Peter Malone(24)41pts.

N.T.P.S.Div1 2ndK.Haddrick7th O.McCallum12thR.Mills16thM.Menken.

Div2 2ndA.Skinner7th+12thR.Duncanand16thJ.Bell.

Rundown 33pts all in.B.B.B. John Mason$20.

Raffles. R.Pettigrew $50 K.Thackeray $25 O. Snelling $25.

Well done to all winners. Good golfing and mental health(you all know what time it is.) cheers Capt. Dave.



With the Queen of Queensland still keeping the border closed and also not being able to play golf if you haven’t had 2 jabs there was only 56 players today. We are now up to date on our Monthly Medals after playing our October Medal today.

After all the rain we had this week (about 150 plus mls) it was a surprise to find the fairways quiet dry. The rough was still holding water in the usual places, but the course played very good as the scores showed.

With so many players not being able to either cross the border or have not had 2 Jabs, this is leaving a lot of gaps on the Tee Times sheet, if everyone can arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier than their tee time, then we might be able to get on the course faster which will lead to earlier finishing times.

Division 1

Winner Michael Tink-Hornett (11) 73 / 62, Runnerup Paul Pochodyla (11) 78 / 67.

Division 2

Winner Ken Mount (18) 84 / 66, Runnerup Robert Irvine (15) 82 / 67.

Division 3

Winner Jonno Dwyer (20) 80 / 60, Runnerup Brian Britton (30) 98 / 68.

Ball rundown went to 73.


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3

2nd Paul Pochodyla Macca McGuiness Jonno Dwyer

7th Terry Foster Nigel Luxton Jonno Dwyer

12th Alan Hubbard Nigel Luxton David Kammer

16th Terry Foster Kevin Haddrick James Storey

PRO PIN Terry Foster $52.00

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by

Stephen Caine $20 Pro Shop voucher

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw

Gary Pettit $20 on your Members card

Raffle Winners were

Steve Wilkinson $75, Kevin Haddrick $25, Mick Kemp $25.

Joke of the day

Two men walk up to a relatively long par 3. The golfer says to his caddy, “looks like a 4 wood and a putter”. The caddy hands him the 4 wood and he tops it about 5 feet in front of him. The caddy immediately hands him his putter and responds, “It looks like you got one hell of a putt left!”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain

Course Status


Golf course CLOSED.

Course Status Pro Shop

THURSDAY October 14th

Golf Course CLOSED



Monday 11th October 2021.

Another bloody blowy Banora day with 36 double jabbers doing battle on our very nice course.

Div 1 Winner John Kraus(16)38ptsR/U John Gardiner(20)36pts.N.T.P.S. 2nd T,Neil 7th.R.Ind 16th J.Kraus.

Div 2 Winner Peter Malone(24)41ptsR/U John Mason(29)35pts.N.T.P.S.2ndO. Snelling 7th J.Alexander.12th J.Mason.

Rundown 32pts all in. Eagles Nest John Mason 12 balls.

Raffles John Alexander $75 Alan Corke $25. B.B.B. Wayne Muir $20.

Congratulations to all winners.

Time for a well deserved drink, good golfing and mental health get 2 jabs or no play till 1st December Then its open slather for all .Cheers Capt. Dave.


Members Tee Times

I have been approached by a few Members who would like to know why Queensland members still have their names on the Tee Times listing. I have to agree, as this is stopping players and Visitors from booking a spot either early or late. Please take your names off the Tee Times list or call the Pro Shop to have your names removed. As soon as the Queen of Queensland opens the border you can put your name back in.

Thanks Kevin Haddrick




The wind just keeps blowing. Another day on the course, and another day that we have to battle the wind.

We have had to delay playing our FOURSOME CHAMPIONSHIP until the New Year as we can’t play a Shotgun start until after December 1, and our Christmas Party day has been moved back one week to 11th of December.

Don’t forget you need to show proof that you are double Jabed when you turn up to play golf from Monday.

Todays winners were.

Division 1 Tony Blair (13) 38pts on c/b, Runnerup Steve Wilkinson (17) 38pts.

Division 2 Darren Hubery (23) 39pts, Runnerup Gary Pettit (27) 38pts.

Ball rundown went to 32pts.

NTP’S Division 1 2nd Michael Kemp, 7th Kim Hall, 12th Steve Wilkinson, 16th Ken Mount.

Division 2 2nd Steve Pothole, 7th Mark Jessop, 12th Brent McLennan, 16th Paul Quinlin.

PRO PIN Steve Wilkinson $63.00

Banora Point Real Estate Lucky Draw Phil Coles $20.00

Raffle Winners Perc Dempsey $25, Paul Quinlin $25, Darren Hubery $75.

Joke of the day

His wife was a new and nervous player, but Jim persuaded her to play against a new customer of his and his wife. “After all”, he explained, “It will be a two-ball Foursome. I’ll drive and by the time you have to hit the ball, the client and his spouse will be elsewhere on the fairway and not watching you”. It was agreed and the game started as Jim had said it would. He hit off with a fine drive, right down the fairway about 320yds, leaving only five yards to the green. ONE! Jim handed his wife an iron and told her to aim for the green, she sliced it with vigor, into the deep rough at the side of the fairway. TWO! His shot from the rough was magnificent, and it landed the ball back on the fairway, this time about half a yard from the green. THREE! She whacked it right over the green and into the sandtrap on the other side. FOUR! He was in brilliant form, and he clipped it neatly from the sand onto the green about a foot from the hole. FIVE! His wife stroked a mighty putt that rolled off the green and into another sandtrap. SIX! Jim’s recovery landed three inches from the hole. SEVEN! Her putt stopped at the greens edge. EIGHT! His putt of 20 feet went straight in . NINE! The customer and his wife holed out with four. Jim’s reaction was nothing to dramatic. He merely tore up his scorecard and ate it, broke three clubs and bent the remainder, jumped up and down on his golf cart and finally, shaking his fist at his wife, as he strode off to the clubhouse. His wife emerged from the sandtrap from where she watched the performance. “I don’t know what he so mad about”, she said. “After all, he had five shots, and I only had Four!”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick Captain


Ladies News and Results

Welcome back again Ladies, just when we’d got past the latest Covid Hiccup the weather decided to throw a spanner in the works.

We have received directions from Twin Towns Management about the new COVID rules starting Monday. As you would have already heard we all have to be able to show proof of double vaccination or a medical exemption. Once this proof has been updated into your details at each venue you shouldn’t have to show it again.

Also as per Twin Towns direction we are not able to hold Presentations as we can’t have a gathering of more than 20 people inside, hopefully this won’t be for long!

Now to our golf!

We played a single stableford this week with Trophies donated by our Captain Myra.

Winner : Glenda Ballard off 29 with 38 points

Runner/up Myra Biggar off 25 with 36 points

NTP’s: 2 nd Div 1:Penny Martlew, Div 2:Marilyn Berryman

7th Div 1:Denise Culpitt, Div 2 : Helen Evans

PRO PIN: Kaye Mills – $31

Rundown: D Melling, J Haddrick, C Rasmussen, K Mills, M Berryman, B Hall, A Blair, H Evans, B Culpitt, L Edwards, P Williams, Lyn Simpson, Y Morrison, Cheryl Kelly, J Fisk, J Mount, P Ryan, J McFadden, D Harrington.

Raffle Winners were Marilyn Berryman, Bev Culpitt and Cheryl Kelly.

Look forward to seeing you all next week

Myra and Liz



Mens golf Wednesday 6/10/21

What a beautiful day for a game of golf, only thing was that we all seemed to struggle. We only had 4 players break their handicap.

Todays Results.

Division 1 Winner Kev Trinne (12) +1 , Runnerup Phil Coles (14) Square.

Division 2 Winner Owen Snelling (27) +2, Runnerup Howard Williams (24) +1.

Ball rundown went to -2


Divison 1 2nd Nigel Luxton, 7th Patrick Hayes, 12th Kevin Haddrick, 16th Jared Brown.

Division 2 2nd House, 7th Ken Walker, 16th Terry Gosling, 16th John Gardiner.

PRO PIN Kevin Haddrick $55.00

Raffle Winners

Wayne Muir $25, Michael Ziegler $25, Nigel Luxton $25.

Don’t forget from Monday you must have 2 jabs or you can’t play golf.

Joke of the day

Jake’s wife asked him why he doesn’t play golf with Tom anymore. Jake responded to her question with one of his own. “Would you continue to play with a guy who always gets drunk, loses so many balls other groups are always playing through, tells lousy jokes while you are trying to putt and generally offends everyone around him on the course?” “Certainly not, Dear” his wife replied. Jake nodded his head and said, “Well neither did Tom.”

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick