Well our Xmas Breakup has finally been and gone with out a hitch. No rain, just a bit steamy and damp. The course was in great condition considering the rain we have had and the birds doing their best to chew up the 9th and 18th greens as fast as Roger can fixe them.

We were treated to a free day — golf , lunch and drinks and a golf ball .

35 players and several guests including Sharon Styman from Twin Towns Board and Patricia from our Sponsor of the day Banora Real Estate, all enjoyed the meal cooked by Ken and Barry and the lovely array of sweets brought in by our ladies.

Today we played a Canadian 2stroke the winners were : Nancy Douglas and Cheryl Kelly runners up were : Kaye Mills and Pauline Ryan 2nd runners up were :Bev Culpitt and Daphne Andersen Other highlights of the golf were Nancy Douglas had a hole in one on the 7th and Rosie Connolly won the Pro Pin.

We also incorporated our Presentation of Special Events Prizes for the year so it was a nice surprise for some who had forgotten what they had paid their money in for at the start of the year.

The raffles were a great success , thanks to all who bought tickets, brought in goodies, sold tickets and helped put our hampers together.

A special thanks to everyone you have all done your bit one way or another to make our day a success and to make our club the BEST.

We missed our friends from over the border and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Wishing everyone a great Xmas and New Year see you all in 2022

Myra and Liz




Well 19 of us came out for a game of golf on a beautiful day! No rain, a nice breeze , buggies on! What more can you want! We missed you, I know the signs were not promising for golf on Thursday but Myra has been trying very hard to get the info very early and she and Barry had the message on the website very early on Thursday morning so make sure you check on the day so you don’t miss out unnecessarily.

Now onto our day of golf, we had 19 players playing a single stableford, the winner was Denise M Culpitt( nsw) with 34 points on a count back from June McFadden. NTP’s went to Nancy Douglas and Coral Rasmussen with the Pro Pin going to our winner Denice Culpitt.

Raffle winners were Glenda Ballard, Colleen Kelly and Coral Rasmussen.

Winnings will go on your cards from today and next Tuesday if we play! After that no winnings will go on your cards till after the New Year. Remember to use the money on your cards or transfer it on to a Twin Towns card to save for your fees or a supermarket card. If you have a problem with that talk to someone on the committee we will be happy to help.

Our Xmas Party is on this coming Thursday the 9th, even if it rains and there is no golf the Party will be on so watch this space in case there are some time changes.

There are plenty of tickets left for our big raffle , hams, hampers and other goodies .

There is a newsletter that June has prepared for you available at the club if you are there .

Looking forward to seeing you all there next Thursday.

Cheers from Myra and Liz





The game is a Mixed Pinehurst, so find a partner and put your names down. The sheet is open and filling fast. If you need a partner talk to a committee person.

The free game will be followed by a free BBQ and some drinks also raffles of hams, Xmas hampers, six packs and wine.

Non playing partners are also invited but please let us know for catering and seating arrangements (text 0419477979 to confirm)

Looking forward to seeing you there .

Your Golf Club Committee




Well once again the weather beat us . We did get to play 9 holes before the rain came down. Myra in her wisdom decided to make it a nine hole comp otherwise I would probably have talked Peggy into playing the whole 18 holes in the rain.

So 17 of us played a single stableford Winner with 21 points Liz Edwards R/up Denise Melling with 20 points(sorry Denise) Ntp’s Liz Edwards and Denise Melling, no Pro Pin we didn’t get that far!

Plans are well under way For our Xmas Breakup day on the 9 th December. This means we only have one more week of golf before party day! The sheet is open raffle tickets are on sale we will have a newsletter ready with details on Thursday, the weather doesnt look promising for the next week so come down and checkup on Tuesday or Thursday, remember the party is on no matter what !


Myra and Liz




We had 31 ladies played a fun day today— Russian Roulette also known as a multiplier. It was extra fun because it was a free day although not so much for the card checkers on the computer, it’s very easy to get mixed up adding scores together instead of multiplying them.

Winners today were Bev Culpitt and Daphne Andersen with 74 points

Runners /Up were Alison Blair and Chris Mills with 68 points

2nd Runners/up were Denise Melling and Denise Culpitt with 66 points.

NTPS Winners On the 2nd were Alison Blair and Coral Rasmussen. On the 7th were Kaye Mills and Lucy Ablett Pro Pin was won by Judy Mount— $31

And now to the important stuff—-Our Xmas Breakup is on the 9 th Dec. Get your team together for a 2 stroke Canadian Foursome. The booking sheet will be on the computer in the next day or so.

A Free Day golf and food and a drink or two sponsored by Banora Real Estate and Ladies Golf.

Our Special Events Presentations will also be held along with our famous Xmas Ham and Hamper Raffles.

More info will be forthcoming in the next few weeks

Cheers to all from Myra and Liz




What a great day for golf!!

Once again the weather man got it wrong , 15 of us turned up, no rain quite warm but a nice breeze and the course was beautiful – thank you Roger.

We played a versus par event which was quite challenging as you will see by the scores, those 1 pointers in a stableford game are better than a minus that we got today!

Our more senior ladies showed us how to do it

Winner was Daphne Andersen with + 1

Runner up was Bev Culpitt with – 1

Rundown to -5 on a count back

NTP’s : 2nd Liz Edwards and Marilyn Berryman and on the 7th was Kaye Mills and Coral Rasmussen

Pro pin was won by Kaye Mills

Next week we have another fun game Russian Roulette , come on out and enjoy the generosity of our club.

Hope to see you at the club next week we have plans to make as our Xmas Party is on the 9th of December

Cheers from Myra and Liz




What a lovely day we had! A free day – nothing to pay but our dollar for the pro pin. Nice and warm with just a gentle breeze , course was great Greens getting smoother all the time .

34 players for a 4ball stableford, not bad considering our Queenslanders couldn’t be with us.

Winners today were June McFadden and Myra Biggar with 46 points their trophies were donated by Helen Evans and Lucy Ablett.

Runners Up with 45 points were Desley Harrington and Marilyn Burns , their trophies donated by ladies golf.

NTPs 2nd Div 1Peg Williams Div 2 Coral Rasmussen 7th Div 1 Kaye Mills Div 2 Marilyn Berryman. ProPin was won by Bev Culpitt – $34

Next weeks game is a Versus Par , Myra’s favourite game so come out and support her and have some fun, we look forward to seeing you there , not many weeks to go and it will be end of year party time !

Cheers from Myra and Liz



Thursday Ladies Golf

Today we played a two stroke Canadian Foursomes, nice for a change although it was quite warm out there!

Winners today wereAlison Blair and Chris Mills with 69 5\8 Trophies were donated by Judy Mount and June McFadden.

Runnersup were Bev Culpitt and Daphne Andersen with 77 1\8 rundown to 79 3\8.

NTP on 2nd Desley Harrington and on the 7th Lilian Simpson. Their partners also get a voucher.

Daphne Andersen won the Pro Pin

There were two players who did not have partners today – late cancellations in team events are disappointing , if this happens please try and contact your partner or the committee so we can try and find a replacement.

It’s not looking like we shall see much of our QLD friends before Xmas this year . We haven’t forgotten you . If you have money on your membership card you need to get it transferred off before the 24 th December , all you have to do is phone TwinTowns and they will transfer your winnings according to your instructions so they are safe, If anyone is in contact with our friends from over there!! Could you explain this to them in case they are not looking at our blog.

Next weeks game is a fourball stableford, and it will be worth the effort to come down and play!?

Looking forward to seeing you all down there

Myra and Liz



Ladies Thursday Golf

Another Thursday, more rain and half our friends missing.

Only a small field 22 players but we persevered despite some rain thunder and lightening.

Thanks to Roger our course is looking lovely after the rain and the greens are green again!

Winner today was Denise Culpitt with 40 points!

Runner up Lucy Ablett with 36 points! On a count back from Marilyn Berryman, Cheryl Kelly and Helen Evans.

rundown also included Colleen Kelly and Glenda Ballard.

NTPs :2nd -Denise Culpitt and Daphne Andersen

7th- Liz Edwards and Dot Gronn

Pro Pin $22 went to Colleen Kelly

There were no raffles or presentations

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday for a Canadian 2 stroke.

Cheers from Myra and Liz



Ladies News and Results

Welcome back again Ladies, just when we’d got past the latest Covid Hiccup the weather decided to throw a spanner in the works.

We have received directions from Twin Towns Management about the new COVID rules starting Monday. As you would have already heard we all have to be able to show proof of double vaccination or a medical exemption. Once this proof has been updated into your details at each venue you shouldn’t have to show it again.

Also as per Twin Towns direction we are not able to hold Presentations as we can’t have a gathering of more than 20 people inside, hopefully this won’t be for long!

Now to our golf!

We played a single stableford this week with Trophies donated by our Captain Myra.

Winner : Glenda Ballard off 29 with 38 points

Runner/up Myra Biggar off 25 with 36 points

NTP’s: 2 nd Div 1:Penny Martlew, Div 2:Marilyn Berryman

7th Div 1:Denise Culpitt, Div 2 : Helen Evans

PRO PIN: Kaye Mills – $31

Rundown: D Melling, J Haddrick, C Rasmussen, K Mills, M Berryman, B Hall, A Blair, H Evans, B Culpitt, L Edwards, P Williams, Lyn Simpson, Y Morrison, Cheryl Kelly, J Fisk, J Mount, P Ryan, J McFadden, D Harrington.

Raffle Winners were Marilyn Berryman, Bev Culpitt and Cheryl Kelly.

Look forward to seeing you all next week

Myra and Liz