Men’s golf WEDNESDAY 12/5/21

Heavy overnight rain took it’s toll on the field, with only 23 starters. Over 50mm of rain fell and the fairways were very slushy and the decision to have no carts was the right one. 2 sharks and a dolphin was spotted in the big dam as well as a tourist boat. It worked out well for both fields, as the morning had the really wet fairways and the afternoon got some steady rain midway through our round.

Winner today was Jared Brown with 39pts on countback and Runner up was Nathan Smith also with 39pts. Rundown went to 35pts.

NTP’S 2nd Les Browning 7th Nathan Smith 12th Nick Davis 16th Allan Danks Pro Pin Nick Davis $22 I heard with the money he won Nick is planning to take his family on a holiday.

First round of Pennant golf starts this Sunday. We have 4 teams.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS.

Team 1 playing Coolie at Mullum at 8.15am

Team 2 playing Coolie at Mur-bah at 10.00am

Team 3 playing Coolie at Byron Bay at 9.00am

Team 4 playing Coraki at Coolie at 8.15am

Joke of the day.

Shortly after joining the PGA Tour in 1965, Lee Trevino, a married man, was at his home in Dallas, Texas, mowing his front lawn. A lady driving by in a big shiny Cadillac stopped in front of his house, lowered the window and asked. “Excuse me, do you speak English?” Lee responded, “Yes ma’am, I do”. “What do you charge to do yard work”. She asked “Well ma’am , the lady in this house let’s me sleep with her”. The Lady hurriedly put the car into gear and sped off.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick


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