Men’s Saturday Comp 6th March

 Monthly Medal Day again, field was slightly down with 78 players in the field and another 4 continuing the Matchplay Championship, the final is next week with Brian Springfield v Jared Brown. Good luck guys.

The course was wet in the rough but if you stayed on the fairway it was in good condition.

Scores for the day were quite good taking into account the overall conditions.

Congratulations to the winners for the day;

A Grade Paul Pochodyla net 70 (10)

B Grade Ken Mount net 72 (16)

C Grade Brendon Willoughby net 68 (21) on countback from Michael Payne

Runners Up

A Grade Terry Foster net 73 (6)

B Grade Steve Wilkinson net 74 (16) countback from Kim Hall, Phil Coles and Wayne Stone

C Grade Michael Payne net 68 (24)

Ball rundown to 71 net all inclusive.

NTP 2nd– – A-Terry Foster, B- Daniel Lawler C-Jim Benny

NTP 7th– – A-Grant Treloar, B- Stephen Smith C-Perc Dempsey

NTP 12th– A-Allan Danks, B-Michael McKay- C- Michael Payne

Pro Pin- Brian Springfield $70 (Matchplay player)

NTP 16th – A- Mick Kemp B- Owen McCallum C-Mark Jessop

Lucky Draw – Graeme Johnson

Raffle-S Evans (3) and J Wood (3)


Joke of the Week

Two friends were playing golf one day. They decided that they would adhere strictly to the rules, i.e., no mulligans, improving their lies, etc. After a few holes, one guy’s ball landed on a cart path. As he reached down to pick up his ball to get relief his friend said, “We agreed that we would not improve our lie.”

No matter how much the first fellow tried to explain that he was entitled to this relief, the second fellow would not allow it.

To the man went to the cart to get a club. As he stood over the ball, he took a few practice swings, each time scraping the club on the pavement, taking out big chunks of blacktop and sending out lots of sparks! Finally, after several practice swings, he took his shot. The ball took off and landed on the green about 6-feet from the pin.

“Great shot!” his friend exclaimed. “What club did you use?” The man answered, “I used YOUR 7-iron!!!!!”

Kevin Haddrick- Captain



Roger has advised me that the Golf course will be closed for 3 days. Monday 15th March, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th, reopening on Thursday 18th.

Kevin Haddrick



Mens golf Wednesday 3rd March

What a terrible day yesterday was. Only 12 players turned out, not enough for a comp, so everyone that played gets a ball. See Barry to get your name crossed off.
The pro pin will hold over until next Wednesday, so if you paid your dollar your already in next week.
We will do the same for the raffle.
Saturday March 20 is our Annual General meeting, if you want to play golf before the meeting, it will be a mixed single Stableford , Shot gun start , hitting off at 8 o’clock , you must book a tee, get in quick as spots are going fast, only 80 maximum spots. The AGM meeting will start at 2pm.
While we have all this rain if we are allowed to use carts PLEASE drive on the fairways or paths, not in the rough or through bare patches, and always remember to fill your divots and any others you see. Lets keep the fairways looking great.

Joke of the day.
Every time Peter , the guy next door, headed toward Paul’s house, Paul knew he was coming to borrow something. Peter was always borrowing stuff and it was driving Paul mad.
” Peter won’t get away with it this time,” muttered Paul to his wife. “Watch this,”
“I wonder if you’ll be using your hedge trimmer this morning?” Peter asked.
“Crikey, i’m terribly sorry,” Paul said with a smug look , “but the fact of the matter is I’ll be using it all day.”
“In that case , you won’t be using your golf clubs …. Mind if I borrow those?”

Hit e’m straight and make those putts.
Kevin Haddrick


Ladies Golf – Change of Programme

The Match Committee have decided to hold the rained out medal next Thursday 11th March. The booking you have made for the single stableford will stand (you will not be in divisions) .This will be a chance to see if it is okay to run the medal as a normal field.

See you all next week, with the sun shining hopefully.

Pauline R 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️⛳️


Ladies Thursday Golf.

Todays Medal postponed due to the wet course and no buggies and the horrible weather. Take the day off ladies!! Game changed to single stableford if you want to walk the course but we need 8 for a comp.
Pauline R. 😢😢😢

Course Status


Golf Course OPEN



Vets Golf

Monday 1st March 2021.

Another humid day with very little wind .Half compliment of players with only 53 starters.

Winners Div 1 Ken Culpitt (21) 37pts Div 2 Jim Benny (30) 40pts.

R/Ups Div 1 Stu Irving (17) 36pts Div 2 Grant McLean (27) 37pts.

Rundown 34pts all in. Raffle J.Dalley $75 W.Muir $25 J. Benny $25.

Bazzas Birdie Bonus Steve Wilkinson $20. Well done to all winners.

Good golfing and mental health cheers Capt. Dave.(red time now)


Men’s Golf Saturday 27th February

We had 75 players on a warm humid day, with another 8 players continuing the Match Play event

We complain about the Banora Breeze on occasions and on the days, there is none, don’t we miss it out on course, keep the water up while you are out there.

Now to the golf results, as mentioned we had a field of 75 players and we saw some good scores, with Mick Tink-Hornett recording birdies on the 12,13 and 14 holes (a Turkey and what I am told you did the dance on the 14th) Well done Mick!!!!

On a social note, we wish Darren Hubery and his partner Kerrie all the best with their wedding next Friday.

Congratulations to our winners on the day;

Div. 1 Paul Pochodyla (11) 40 points

Div. 2 Michael Coyne (33) 38 points

Runners Up

Div. 1 Kim Hall (16) 38 points

Div. 2 Nick Davis (21) 37 points

Ball rundown to 33 all inclusive

NTP 2ndDiv1-Graeme Hopkins, Div2- Nick Davis

NTP 7th– – Div1-Mick Tink-Hornett Div2-Jimmy Cardoo

NTP 12th– Div1- Mick Tink-Hornett, Div2- Wil Salter

Pro Pin- Mick Tink-Hornett $71,

NTP 16th – Div1-Michael Noakes, Div2-Gary Pettit

Lucky Draw Sponsored by North Real Estate—Mick Tink-Hornett

Raffle- Jimmy Wood (3), and Stephen Evans (2)


Joke of the Day

On a golf tour in Ireland, Tiger Woods drives his BMW into a petrol station in a remote part of the Irish countryside. The pump attendant, obviously knows nothing about golf, greets him in a typical Irish manner completely unaware of who the golfing pro is. “Top of the mornin’ to yer, sir” says the attendant. Tiger nods a quick “hello” and bends forward to pick up the nozzle. As he does so, two tees fall out of his shirt pocket onto the ground. “What are those? asks the attendant. “They’re called tees” replies Tiger. “Well, what on the god’s earth are dey for?” inquires the Irishman. “They’re for resting my balls on when I’m driving”, says Tiger. “Fookin Jaysus”, says the Irishman, “BMW thinks of everything!”

Kevin Haddrick–Captain


Result Update – 2021 Men’s Handicap Match Play


Ladies Thursday Golf Results 25/02/21

Again rain threatened in the early morning but we ended up with a fine day. Those ladies who made an early decision to pull out were no doubt regretting their decision as the day went by.

Our field was reduced to 35 Ladies who played a 4 ball aggregate on a rather wet course. Overnight rain made the fairways soggy and approach shots to the green were just stopping short for most of the day.

Winners for the day were Chris Mills and Allison Blair 66 pts with visitors for the day Privanda Hawley and Fiona McConnell 65 pts runnersup. Congratulations Ladies.

NTP 2nd hole DF Culpitt. Marlene Wyatt

7th hole Marilyn Burns and Denise M Culpitt

Pro Pin went to Denise M Culpitt $34

rundown went to 50 pts.

lucky No. was 45 and lucky winners were: P Williams, J McFadden, J Fisk and J Haddrick. $20 on your card.

Next week we will be holding our first medal for the year, please arrive 20 minutes before your designated time so we can get the field out on time.

Have a great week

Pauline R 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️⛳️