Men’s golf WEDNESDAY 12/5/21

Heavy overnight rain took it’s toll on the field, with only 23 starters. Over 50mm of rain fell and the fairways were very slushy and the decision to have no carts was the right one. 2 sharks and a dolphin was spotted in the big dam as well as a tourist boat. It worked out well for both fields, as the morning had the really wet fairways and the afternoon got some steady rain midway through our round.

Winner today was Jared Brown with 39pts on countback and Runner up was Nathan Smith also with 39pts. Rundown went to 35pts.

NTP’S 2nd Les Browning 7th Nathan Smith 12th Nick Davis 16th Allan Danks Pro Pin Nick Davis $22 I heard with the money he won Nick is planning to take his family on a holiday.

First round of Pennant golf starts this Sunday. We have 4 teams.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS.

Team 1 playing Coolie at Mullum at 8.15am

Team 2 playing Coolie at Mur-bah at 10.00am

Team 3 playing Coolie at Byron Bay at 9.00am

Team 4 playing Coraki at Coolie at 8.15am

Joke of the day.

Shortly after joining the PGA Tour in 1965, Lee Trevino, a married man, was at his home in Dallas, Texas, mowing his front lawn. A lady driving by in a big shiny Cadillac stopped in front of his house, lowered the window and asked. “Excuse me, do you speak English?” Lee responded, “Yes ma’am, I do”. “What do you charge to do yard work”. She asked “Well ma’am , the lady in this house let’s me sleep with her”. The Lady hurriedly put the car into gear and sped off.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick



Ladies golf. Thursday 13/5/21

Carts allowed today. See you all later

Captain. Myra

Course Status


Golf Course Open

NO Motorised Carts Allowed

Competition now a Single Stableford


Ladies Golf 6-5-21

It was medal round again today with some very good scores plus a beautiful day. Results as follows:-

Division 1 Nett winner Alison Blair Nett 67 R/Up Kaye Mills Nett 72

Gross Alison Blair 83, Putting Denise F Culpitt 27 Putts

Division 2 Nett Winner Janet Haddrick Nett 75, R/Up Helen Evans Nett 77 Gross Nancy Douglas 103 Putting Myra Biggar 33 Putts.

Division 3 Nett Winner Coral Rusmussen Nett 77 R/Up Betty Hall Net 80 Gross Rusmussen 111, Putting Coral Rusmussen 35 c/b

NTP Hole 2 Div 1 Kaye Mills Div 2 Lyn Simpson Div 3 Doreen Rankine

Hole 7 Div 1 Alison Blair Div 2 Nancy Douglas Div 3 Pauline Benny

Rundown to 80 all in

Pro Pin Alison blair

Hope the beautiful weather keeps up. Good golfing.



Vets Golf

Monday May 10th 2021.

Numbers are coming back with 55 hardened combatants out there to do battle on our not so easy course. Also good incentives that vets offer with their very generous prizes.

Div. 1 Winner Ken Walker (21) 40pts.

R/U W. Howlett (18) 36pts.

Div. 2 Winner Terry Gosling (27) 36pts.

R/U Rod Jackson (29) 35pts.

Rundown a very generous 32pts all in.

Raffle P.Wazlawek $50 B.McClatchey $25 DCulpitt $25 W.Muir $25.

B.B.B. J.Skerry $20.

Keep filling divots and raking bunkers and good work to all winners today.

That time of day red oclock. Good mental health keep on enjoying golf cheers Cap. Dave.


Men’s Saturday Comp 8th May

 Today was our Monthly Medal Day which was postponed from last week due to weather, number of players was good with 88 players out on course, and were fortunate to have fine and sunny weather for the day.

Scores for the day showed that even with good weather it can still be difficult to register a good score with only the three winners breaking their handicap.

Congratulations to the winners for the day;

A Grade Pat Hayes net 68 (9)

B Grade Joe Lehkyj net 69 (14)

C Grade John Olsen net 68 (20)

Runners Up

A Grade Kev Haddrick net 74 (10)

B Grade Colin McLeod net 70 (16) on C/B from Allan Boan

C Grade Tony Waller net 71 (23) on C/B from Ken Stockwell

Ball rundown to 74 net all inclusive.

NTP 2nd– – A-   no-one, B- Michael McKay C-no-one

NTP 7th– – A-Kev Haddrick, B- Brendon Willoughby C-Greg Morrison

NTP 12th– A-Pat Hayes, B- Gerry Martin- C- Mick Walsh

Pro Pin- Gerry Martin $78

NTP 16th – A- Alan Hubbard B- Trevor Neil C- Greg Morrison

Lucky Draw – John Baddeley

Raffle-H Netto (2), K Bartlett (1), M Kemp (1), M Kenny (1) and B Wilkinson (1)

Barry Birdie Blitz- Darren Hubery


We received a couple of suggestions from the members regarding playing games off the whites following last Saturday’s rain effected day ,we have taken notice we will be introducing games off the white tees on alternate Saturday’s.

Joke of the Week

Arnold Palmer is playing in a big tournament and comes to a 235-yard par-3.

After some deliberation, he takes out his 3 iron and sails the ball 20 feet over the pin and backs it up to within 3 feet of the pin.

A fan in the crowd said “Mr. Palmer, how do you make a 3 iron back up like that?”

Mr. Palmer replied, “Do you own a 3 iron?”
The fan said, “Yes, sir I do.”

“How far do you hit it?” said Palmer.
About 160 yards was his reply.

Palmer calmly said, “What the hell do you want it to back up for?

Kevin Haddrick- Captain



13th MAY – 24TH JUNE

THURSDAY 13th MAY – 4BBB Stableford

THURSDAY 20TH MAY – Single Stableford

Nominations close for Championships

Thursday 27th May – 1st Round of Championships

Tuesday 1st June – 2nd Round Club Championships

Thursday 3rd June – 3rd Round Club Championships

Thursday 10th June – 4 BBB Stableford

Thursday 17th June – Monthly Medal No. 4 Nsw Medal , First Round Gwlad Murray Trophy

Thursday 24th June – 4 Ball Match Play Captain v President



9th May to 25th July, 2021

9th May 4 Ball

16th May 4BB Aggregate

23rd May Canadian 2 Stroke

30th May 4 Ball

6th June 4 Person Ambrose

13th June Single Stableford

20th June 4 Ball

27th June 2 Person Ambrose

4th July Mixed Foursomes Championships

11th July 4 Ball

18th July Texas Stableford

25th July Canadian 2 Stroke


Pennant Draw 2021

ROUND 1 16th MAY 2021

Coolie-Tweed 4 Vs Banora 1 at Mullumbimby 8.15 am

Banora 2 Vs Coolie-Tweed 7 at Murwillumbah 10.00am

Coolie-Tweed 10 Vs Banora 3 at Byron Bay 9.00am

Coraki 2 Vs Banora 4 at Coolie-Tweed 8.15am

ROUND 2 23rd May

Byron Bay 2 Vs Banora 1 at Ocean Shores 7.30am

Banora 2 Vs Ocean Shores 3 at Byron Bay 8.15am

Lismore 3 Vs Banora 3 at Coolie-Tweed 8.15am

Banora 4 Vs Casino 2 at Byron Bay 9.00am

ROUND 3 30th May

Banora 1 Vs Mur-Bah 3 at Byron Bay 8.15am

Banora 2 Vs Ballina 7 at Ocean Shores 8.15am

Banora 3 Vs Mullum 4 at Lismore 8.15am

Lismore 4 Vs Banora 4 at Ocean Shores 9.00am

Final 6th June


Men’s Golf Wednesday 5/5/21

The day started with, Blue sky and Sun, but as the morning progressed the clouds rolled in and around 10.30 the rain started to fall, and it rained for the next 5 hrs. 51 players took to the course. 47 in the morning field and 4 very keen players splashed around in the afternoon.

Division 1 winner Kyle Harrison 37pts on C/B Runner up Kevin Tooley 37pts.

Division 2 winner Ken Wood 35pts on C/B Runner up Sean Butler 35pts.

NTP’S Division 1 2nd Kevin Tooley 7th David Wallis 12th Steve Smith 16th Kyle Harrison

Divison 2 2nd Brian Britton 7th Peter Wazlawek 12th Michael Byrne 16th House

Pro Pin Steve Smith $43

Rundown went to 32pts

Weather permitting this SATURDAY we will have our Monthly Medal.

Joke of the week

A deaf mute guy walks up to a Foursome on the first hole, hands one of the players a card that says, “I am a deaf mute, playing as a Single, may I play through?” The guy that gets the card is a total jerk, shakes his head no, and points the deaf mute to go back and wait his turn.

A few holes later the jerk is standing in the middle of the fairway and gets hit in the head by a golf ball. In excruciating pain and pissed off, he turns around and sees the deaf mute holding up four fingers.

Hit em long and hit em straight

Kevin Haddrick