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This news letter is intended to bring our Lady Members up to date with the changes the committee agreed upon at their meeting held on 14th September 2021. The changes have been made because of the shut downs and the border closures we have been experiencing.

The Foursomes championships and the Gold Medal Playoff have been postponed until early next year to enable our Queensland members to be able to participate

The New South Wales Medal and the Gwald Murray competitions have been cancelled for the year. Members who have paid into these events will have their money refunded. The money will be put onto your card.

Special Events presentation will be held as scheduled on 21st October. This will be a FREE DAY, should our Queensland members not be able to play (because of border closure) they will be compensated. They have not been forgotten.

OBE Day will be held on 7th October. Our Queensland ladies who cannot attend (because of the border situation) will once again be compensated.

A revised fixture sheet for the balance of our golfing year, is being prepared and will be available at presentation. A sheet will also be put on the Notice Board.

Just a reminder that there will be several vacancies on committee next year.

Thank you ladies for your patience and understanding during the difficult times.

Keep safe and good golfing.

Your Committee

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Thanks for all that information Myra, we have to be patient in QLD, not always easy. Ladies, spare a thought for the ladies who, week in, week out, year in, year out put the results into the computer, it’s not hard, just following a procedure but with the border closures, this puts more pressure on them with not much break to relax at the end of a game. Please think about learning the procedure and we can spread the workload.

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