Thursday Ladies Golf

Today we played a two stroke Canadian Foursomes, nice for a change although it was quite warm out there!

Winners today wereAlison Blair and Chris Mills with 69 5\8 Trophies were donated by Judy Mount and June McFadden.

Runnersup were Bev Culpitt and Daphne Andersen with 77 1\8 rundown to 79 3\8.

NTP on 2nd Desley Harrington and on the 7th Lilian Simpson. Their partners also get a voucher.

Daphne Andersen won the Pro Pin

There were two players who did not have partners today – late cancellations in team events are disappointing , if this happens please try and contact your partner or the committee so we can try and find a replacement.

It’s not looking like we shall see much of our QLD friends before Xmas this year . We haven’t forgotten you . If you have money on your membership card you need to get it transferred off before the 24 th December , all you have to do is phone TwinTowns and they will transfer your winnings according to your instructions so they are safe, If anyone is in contact with our friends from over there!! Could you explain this to them in case they are not looking at our blog.

Next weeks game is a fourball stableford, and it will be worth the effort to come down and play!?

Looking forward to seeing you all down there

Myra and Liz


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