Men’s Golf Wednesday March 10

Tuesday’s night storm dumped a lot of rain and no carts reduced our field to just 34 players. The fairways were very wet and a few of the bunkers were holding a bit of water but in saying that some great scores were recorded.

The winner was Brendon Willoughby off 19 with 46pts and Runner up was Kevin Haddrick off 10 with 44pts. 2 other good scores were had by Peter McCray and Aaron Garland both with 40pts.

Run down went to 34pts.

NTP went to Allan Danks on the 2nd, John Olsen on the 7th, Darryl Davey on the 12th and Kevin Haddrick on the 16th. Pro pin Darryl Davey $34.

Bazza’s Birdie Blitz was won by Kevin Haddrick.. $20 Pro Shop voucher.

The raffle was won by Wayne Martlew and Nigel Luxton $25 each.

This Saturday’s event is a 2 Person Ambrose weather permitting, there are still spots available and Saturday 20th of March is our AGM , we are playing a Single Stableford, mixed field, with an 8am shotgun start. We still have spots available, so book your starting TEE.

Joke of the day.

A group of golfers are putting on the green when suddenly a ball drops in their midst. One of the golfers winks at the others and shoves the ball into the hole with his foot. A few seconds later, a player puffs onto the quite out of breath and red of face. He looks around distractedly and then asks, “Have any of you seen a ball that came down around here?” “Yeah, it went in the hole,” the joker answers with a straight face. The golfer looks at him unbelievingly, then walks towards the hole, looks in, reaches down and picks up the ball with his markings on it. Without so much as a word, he turns, runs down the fairway and, as he nears his partners, the group on the green hears him shout, “Hey Sam I got an 11.”

Kevin Haddrick


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