Monday 12th April 2021.

Welcome back boys a glorious day after along absence hence the free day and ball to get you all in the mood.

Thankyou for obeying the rules so we can keep the carts on.

Only 1 Div. as only 46 starters’

Winner John Gilroy (30) 37pts. R/U. John Mason (27) 35pts.

N.T.P.S. 2nd John Bryant and Bazza McFadden.

7th John Bryant and Peter Wazlawek.

12th Terry Gosling and Darryl Davey.

16th Terry Trevitt and Terry Gosling.

Bazzas Birdie Bonus Howard Williams $20.

Good golfing and mental health RED Oclock time cheers Capt Dave.

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