Men’s Saturday Comp 29th May

Reasonable field of 72 players which is a good effort especially considering we had a number of the pennant players resting their bodies prior to the last round of the regular season prior to the finals

 A bit of a change for the day with a 2 Ball Aggregate Stableford

Highlight of the day is Brian Brown’s eagle on the 3rd, well done and 6 balls on the way.

Congratulations to our winners on the day;


K Gallagher and G Martin -77 points

Runners Up

M Kemp and K Haddrick – 70 points

Ball rundown to 62 points all inclusive.

NTP 2ndDiv1-J Faust, Div2-T Pooley

NTP 7th– – Div1-B Willoughby, Div2-R Downes

NTP 12th– Div1-A(Macca) McGuiness Div2-J Cardoo

Pro Pin- A(Macca) McGuiness $65

NTP 16th – Div1-P Hayes, Div2- S Robinson

Raffle- C Huff (1), B Penny (1), W Muir (1) and K Hall (1)

Lucky Draw – T Baker


Joke for the Day

Mac was an avid golfer his entire life.

As he got into his sixties, his eyes started to fail him. He didn’t want to give the game up, so he went to see the family eye doctor.

The doctor said there wasn’t much he could do, but he knew of a 97-year-old man who still had perfect sight, could see like an eagle. The doctor gave Mac the old man’s name and suggested that he could use him to watch where he hit his golf ball.

Mac, of course, didn’t believe the doctor. The old guy was almost a century old, but could see like an eagle!

Well Mac made arrangements to bring Wilbur golfing.

On the first tee, Mac drove his ball about 200 yards, but of course, he couldn’t see where it went.

He asks Wilbur, “Did you see my shot?”

To which Wilbur replied, “Sure did.”

Mac asked, “Where did it go? “

Wilbur replied, “I forget!”

Kevin Haddrick- Captain

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