Ladies Golf. 12/8/21

Well we had a beautiful day for our golf we played a 2 person Ambrose for our Keno competition unfortunately there were only 3 groups who entered, but overall we had 38 players who participated in our main competition the winners were:

Fran Janes and. Vivienne Sulejmani with gross. 74. Net. 65 3/4 R/up Allison. Blair and Chris. Mills. Gross 77. Nett 67

Pro pin. Peggy Williams. $37.00

Rundown:- P. Hodda & K.Mills, D Melling& P. Williams, M. Wyatt &. C. Kelly. D. Gronn &. G. Ballard, D. Culpitt & D. Culpitt, B. Culpitt. &. D. Anderson, L. Edwards. &. E Biggs , M. Burns &. N. Douglas, J. Haddrick. &. P. Benny, P Ryan. &. D. Hughes, D. Harrington &. M. Berryman

We have our last medal round on the 26th August. And don’t forget. Tombola. Day. On the 2nd. Sept.
It has been brought to my attention about Slow play so please do not stand around having a chat I will be looking out next week to see if there is any improvement in the timing of our golf rounds.
Good. Golfing

Captain. Myra

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