Result Update – 2021 Men’s Handicap Match Play


Ladies Thursday Golf Results 25/02/21

Again rain threatened in the early morning but we ended up with a fine day. Those ladies who made an early decision to pull out were no doubt regretting their decision as the day went by.

Our field was reduced to 35 Ladies who played a 4 ball aggregate on a rather wet course. Overnight rain made the fairways soggy and approach shots to the green were just stopping short for most of the day.

Winners for the day were Chris Mills and Allison Blair 66 pts with visitors for the day Privanda Hawley and Fiona McConnell 65 pts runnersup. Congratulations Ladies.

NTP 2nd hole DF Culpitt. Marlene Wyatt

7th hole Marilyn Burns and Denise M Culpitt

Pro Pin went to Denise M Culpitt $34

rundown went to 50 pts.

lucky No. was 45 and lucky winners were: P Williams, J McFadden, J Fisk and J Haddrick. $20 on your card.

Next week we will be holding our first medal for the year, please arrive 20 minutes before your designated time so we can get the field out on time.

Have a great week

Pauline R 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️⛳️


Men’s Golf Wednesday 24/ 2/21

Well after that big storm during the night it was surprising to be able to get on the course with carts.
A very good field of 83 players took to the course which turned out to be quiet a hot day.
Winners today were Charlie Huff and Allan Danks with 44pts and runners up David Harrod and John Bryant had 43 getting up on count back.
It was a very close competition as 17 pairs scored between 44 and 40pts.
Ball rundown went to 40pts.
Nearest the pins Division 1, 2nd Nick Davis, 7th Wayne Hunter, 12th John Olsen and 16th Graham Hopkins. Division 2, 2nd Brendon Willoughby, 7th David Wallis, 12th Nathan Smith and 16th Nelson Brannigan. PRO pin John Olsen $ 72.
On the course please remember while driving in your cart stay out of the rough , it might not look wet in places but don’t take that chance, let the course dry . In carts stay 15m away from all greens , we don’t want the grass around the edges of the greens wearing away.

Joke of the day.

A hacker and his caddie embarked upon a round of golf early one morning. After countless bogeys, double bogeys and even a few “others”, the end of the round was finally in sight for the beleaguered golfer and his faithful looper.
On the 18th tee, the player hit a wild slice into the thick rough right of the fairway. After searching for what seamed like hours, the caddie stumbled upon a white dot in the tall fescue and waved his man over. “That can’t be my ball,” the golfer said. “It looks far too old.” “To be fair sir,” the caddie said, “it’s been a long time since we started looking.”

Kevin Haddrick


Vets Golf

Monday 22nd February 2021.

What a fantastic day after all of the terrible weather lately but still could only attract 52 combatants.

Div 1 winner Terry Trevitt (21) 37pts.

r/u Colin Norton(20) 35pts.

Div 2 Winner Bobby Duncan (27) 37pts.

r/u Hayden Gilbank(29) 35pts.

Rundown 32pts all in. Well done to all you boys. Raffles M.Pattison $25,W.Martlew $25 and Kev Landers $75 plus $20 voucher in Bazzas Birdie Bonus.You cleaned up mate. Also a change to BBB to make it fairer for all players it will work on handicap(that means if you have 2 shots on a hole and you par that will put you in for a chancetowin BBB)

Thats it boys good golfing and mental health keep on trucking.

Finally RED oclock time (off the wagon) cheers Capt. Dave.


Men’s Golf Saturday 20th February

On Friday night the possibility of playing seemed remote but we were fortunate to play albeit there were a few areas with casual water, as we only had 53 players for the day, we only ran a one division stableford event which turned out to be the “Michael Kemp Day”, not only did he win the day, he won the pro pin (again) and also pared the course off the stick (gross 70), well done Mick on your effort.

Now to the golf results, as mentioned we had a field of 53 players (with 15 players equalled or bettered their handicap).

Congratulations to our winner on the day;

Michael Kemp (7) 43 points

Runner Up

Kevin Haddrick (13) 41 points

Ball rundown to 36 all inclusive

NTP 2nd– John Faust

NTP 7th– – Allan Danks

NTP 12th– Michael Kemp

Pro Pin- Michael Kemp $47

NTP 16th – Tim Latter

Lucky Draw Sponsored by North Real Estate—Walter Fisk

Raffle- Walter Fisk (1), Michael Kemp (1) and Wayne Muir (1)


Please remember the COVID restrictions when you are playing and also in the Island House

Joke of the Day

The room was full of pregnant women and their partners, and the Lamaze class was in full swing. The instructor was teaching the women how to breathe properly, along with informing the men how to give the necessary assurances at this stage of the plan.

The teacher then announced, “Ladies, exercise is good for you. Walking is especially beneficial. And, gentlemen, it wouldn’t hurt you to take the time to go walking with your partner!”

The room really got quiet.

Finally, a man in the middle of the group raised his hand.
“Yes?” replied the teacher…
“Is it all right if she carries a golf bag while we walk?”

Kevin Haddrick–Captain







2021 AGM

Reminder to everyone our 2021 AGM is to be held on Saturday 20th March at 2pm at the Island House. Nominations have now closed . Copies of the nominations and the notice of motion have been placed on the Club Notice board .

We have one nomination each for President, Vice President and Treasurer. We have one notice of motion to be voted on- this concerns changes to the timing of election of office bearers.

At this stage we have not had a nomination for Secretary, our constitution states that we cannot accept nominations from the floor but we would welcome any expressions of interest and the committee will consider them !

There will be a shotgun start on AGM day with all members welcome to play- details of game and time to be finalised.

Club Banora Committee


Men’s Handicap Match Play – Round 1 Update


MEN’S SATURDAY Golf Results 13-2-21

Well the wind was up and the golf scores showed. 73 players participated in the competition and we also had 16 players in the Match Play.
Division 1 Winner was Michael McKay off 18 with 39pts, and Runner up was Nigel Luxton off 11 with 35pts.
Division 2 Winner was Tim Pooley off 34 with 38 c/b, and Runner up was Darren Hubery off 24 with 38pts.
The ball rundown went to 31 all in.
The nearest the pins should have been in 2 Divisions but 3 markers were placed out , so we will pay 3 Divisions.
DIVISION 1 2nd hole no one. 7th hole Keiran Gallagher, 12th hole Terry Forster and the 16th hole John Faust.
DIVISION 2 2nd, Daniel Lawler, 7th , Michael Noakes , 12th , Steve Wilkinson , 16th , Kim Hall
DIVISION 3 2nd , Geoff Clarke , 7th , Brian Britton, 12th , John McLoughlin , 16th , Darren Hubery .
PRO PIN Terry Foster $79.00

Raffle winners David Kammer $50.00 , Steve Wilkinson $25.00 , Brent McLennan $75.00 and Lucky draw Terry Baker $20.00
The Match Play winners Kevin Haddrick over John Olsen 1 up , Bryan Penny over Nick Davis 3/2 , Brian Springfield over Will Salter 2 up , Brendon Williams over David Callard 4/3 , David Killion over Mark Jessop 7/6 , Colin Norton over Wayne Howlett 4/2 , Jimmy Wood over Paul Quinlin 1 up , and Jared Brown over Ian Strange 6/5 .
All Match play winners receive a ball.

Joke of the day.
A wife waited patiently while her husband played a round of golf on their 18th wedding anniversary. Afterward, the happy couple went out to dinner at a lovely restaurant.
They discussed many happy momories they had shared during the years.
Then the wife said, “Want to go for another 18?.
“No,” he replied, “I think it’s too dark now.”

Hit them straight and make your Putts


Vets Golf

Monday 15th February 2021.

A very windy blustery day but at least no rain. Only 50 brave souls ventured out to do battle with our challenging course.

Div. 1 winner Wayne Howlett (18) 36pts.

r/u Ken Walker (21) 35pts.

Div. 2 winner Grant McLean (27) 33pts C/B

r/u Tim Tarlinton (26) 33pts.

Rundown 32pts all in. Well done to all you boys.

Raffle. M. Jessop, H. Williams and D. Wallis (twice)

Something new started this week Bazzas Birdie Bonus. Every birdie 1 entry eagle 2 entries and hole in one 3.Prize $20 voucher to spend in pro shop. Something for you at no cost (enjoy).

Thats all folks good golfing and mental health. Cheers capt Dave.(still on wagon Boring!)